How to Dress for a First Date

Written by Kimberley | 27/05/2016

watch Picture this; you’re sat at the bar waiting for your date to arrive. As you sit there trying to distract yourself from the nerves and the will they won’t they turn up thoughts by scanning the wine list they walk through the door. Within a second you find yourself in that awkward stage of waving to say hello and then having to stand in silence grinning like a Cheshire Cat because they aren’t quite close enough to greet. These few awkward seconds are where first impressions really come into play, you get just enough time to analyse the situation and get a first look at your date.

Now how would you go about setting that first impression? Assuming you’ve already been in contact to bag yourself the date, that only leaves the outfit to worry about. So here you are searching the web for a little help and guidance only to find yourself with a serious case of information overload from the vast array of articles and blogs offering advice and top tips. As if this situation wasn’t stressful enough, hey!


Before your brain explodes let me just cover some key points; Your clothes are a part of you and often show off or give away clues about your personality. Wear what you are comfortable in and what gives you confidence to let your personality show. Being uncomfortable or self-conscious about your outfit will only distract from your date and add to any stresses or nerves you might already be experiencing. Now this doesn’t mean turn up in your lounge wear. Being comfortable in your outfit is not the same as wearing comfortable clothes. This being said if you plan on spending your day swinging from trees or going for a walk and picnic in the countryside I highly recommend that you do not wear your best Hugo Boss suit and Oliver Sweeney shoes. Always dress appropriately for the nature of the date.

When in doubt about whose advice to take, remember that there is so much information out there for the simple fact that everyone and every date is different. Your ideal date might not be the same as the next person, just as your favorite jacket might be your best mate’s worst nightmare. So long as you take into account that putting effort into your outfit whether it be smart or casual will show that you not only care about your appearance but that it’s important to you that your date feels you made that extra special effort for them.

Written by Cloe Smith


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