How to efficiently pack your luggage bag

Written by Eleanor | 11/07/2016

Packing is a chore. Unless you’re one of those people that loves to pack and does so about a week in advance (like me). But for most, packing is an awkward irritation that just has to be done to ensure you can leave for your trip, usually at the last available moment.

However, packing doesn’t have to be an inconvenience. If you know how to pack properly, it can be easy, and even get you more excited to leave the house. The first thing to decide is what kind of suitcase you’re taking, this means size and style. If you’re flying, check the luggage size requirements, and if you’re going to a work conference, don’t take your daughters pink, polka-dotted case.

Do your packing a day in advance, so you’re not stressed out before you have to leave the house, and plan your outfits in advance! Check the weather for where you’re going and choose your clothes accordingly, but always make sure to be prepared. Even if non-stop sun is forecast, take at least one waterproof and a few warmer outfits – it’s always better safe than sorry.

One great tip for packing is to pack outside your suitcase first. This means not just taking the clothes straight out of your wardrobe and into the suitcase. Lay your outfits out on your bed, and plan what you’re going to wear each day. This way, you know you’ll have enough pairs of underwear, and won’t be left with clashing colours on your last day when everything else is dirty. This also means you can pack your clothes in order, so what you want to wear on your first day isn’t buried at the bottom.

When it comes to actually putting your items in the case, start with the most awkward items. Shoes, hairdryer, wash bag; these can all go at the bottom, and arranged around the side. This saves space and allows you to stuff underwear and socks into all the nooks and crannies, including inside your shoes.

Investing in specific travel gear, like mini shampoo and shower gel can be a massive space saver too. There’s no point lugging a heavy bottle of shampoo around with you when you’re only going to get through a quarter of the bottle. Washing 2 Washing 4

It depends whether you want to pack your outfits in order of when you’ll wear them, but if not, pack your bulkier clothes first. They’re easier to squash down and lighter items are easier to fit in when there’s less space left in your suitcase.

The folding vs rolling debate has always been an issue when it comes to packing, but here at Mainline Menswear we believe in both! Roll up wrinkle-resistant materials, like knits and cotton, but dressier items like shirts should always be folded. Although rolling your clothes up is a massive space saver, it isn’t always the best option for certain materials, so just use your common sense and don’t try rolling up a pair of suit trousers!

If possible, leave room for souvenirs for when you’re coming back. Or alternatively pack a compression bag which you can throw all your dirty clothes in and will free up a huge amount of space. As always, wear your bulkiest and biggest clothes on the trip there and back, as trying to pack your coat will take up almost all of your luggage space.

Be sensible when packing your hand luggage too. Place your passport, any tickets you need and necessities at the top of your bag. If you know you’re going to need things on your journey, don’t have them buried away beneath spare pants and socks.

Following these simple hacks should allow you to pack for your trip hassle free. If you’re looking for any holiday essentials, check out our website for those perfect last minute purchases to complete your new look.

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