How to find your perfect jeans

Written by Eleanor | 05/07/2016

jeans Choosing the perfect jeans can be a struggle. You have to find the right pair for your body type. Then you have to match them to the rest of your outfit, and make sure they’re suitable for where you’re going. There are certain types of jeans better suited to a night out, and then types you can wear to work.

The important thing is to make sure they’re fitted well and you look good. Mainline Menswear have set up this guide so you can choose the right pair of jeans for any occasion.Jeans 1

This guide will go through various styles of jeans and tell you everything you need to know about them. What body type they work best with, what to wear them with and where you can wear them too.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are perfect if you’ve got a slimmer figure, as the name suggests. This is because you can show off the definition in your leg muscles and they provide extra comfort and warmth due to their figure-hugging nature.

If you dress up skinny jeans with a shirt and a formal pair of brogues you can wear them to dinner and drinks, or to formal events like the races or an after work do. They also work very well for casual wear, paired simply with a t-shirt and jumper. For more formal occasions or to work, it’s best to avoid skinny jeans as they can occasionally look too casual in an office situation.

Super Skinny

If you want to wear super skinny jeans, make sure you have the slim figure to match. Otherwise they could result in having the ‘painted on’ look, or even worse actually make your legs look larger than they are.

These jeans look best with baggy, longer t-shirts that hang down below the waist. This is because the t-shirt can hide your stomach, and a baggier upper half contrasts well with the super skinny look on your legs. They’re best worn in more casual situations like around the house, or out for drinks with your friends.Jeans skinny Jeans super skinny



Ripped jeans work well with most body types, but it depends what style of ripped jeans they are. Ripped straight leg jeans are the best bet, as it’s an easy look to pull off. However, avoid super skinny ripped jeans as you could get caught with your skin bulging out of the rips!

As the name suggests, ripped jeans aren’t the smartest look, so avoid wearing them to work or formal occasions. They are perfect for lounge or casual wear and can work well paired with t-shirts and a jacket for that everyday look.

Straight leg

Straight leg jeans are the smartest type of jeans you can go for. You can wear them to work when dressed up nicely with a shirt, or you can wear them on a night out – they’re adaptable and that’s what makes them so successful.

They also work with most body types, as they show of the figure of your leg, without being too restricting. If you’re struggling to decide what type of jeans to buy, go for the straight leg. They’re versatile, fashionable, and can take you from the office to the bar with simply the addition of a jacket or a quick change of shoes.Jeans straight leg


Opting for a tapered jean can be another good choice if you’re unsure how to dress for your body type. They work with all body types and, as they have a slightly baggier look can work wonders to disguise a slightly larger figure.

They can be made smart or casual depending on what you wear with them. Go out for dinner or to work with a smart shirt or patterned jumper, or enjoy some casual drinks with friends whilst pairing them with a well fitted t-shirt. Wearing something fitted on your upper half will work well with tapered jeans as it adds shape to your body that may be taken away by the baggier tapered look.

Boot Cut

As you could guess, boot cut jeans look best when paired with a nice pair of boots, rather than trainers. Try these Oliver Sweeney Chelsea boots, and then match the look up with a shirt and jacket. These are another very versatile style of jeans and can be worn to work during the day, and then out for dinner with your family in the evening.

Boot cut jeans work well for most body types, however if you have a particularly skinny leg you may want to avoid them as they can look too baggy around the ankles if not paired with the correct type of footwear.

Jeans bootcut

If you keep these key tips in mind when shopping for jeans, you’re certain to find the right style and shape for both your body and the occasion. Remember, it’s important to try your jeans on with the correct style of shoes, and get an idea of what your outfit will look like as a whole.

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