The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Football Kits 2016/17

Written by Eleanor | 03/08/2016

The wait is almost over. If you’re a football fan, the summer break seems to go on forever. Luckily we had the Euro’s to keep us entertained this year, but now the 2016/17 football season is soon to start again.

The Premier League kicks off at 12:30 on Saturday 13th August. Reigning champions Leicester will play newly promoted Hull City. With football being back on our televisions every weekend, there are lots of new things to look forward to this season.

One of them – in our opinion – are the new kits each team will have for the season. Rumours circulate throughout summer, but finally most of the Premier League teams have officially revealed their new kits to us.

Here’s Mainline Menswear’s list of the good, the bad and the ugly new kits for the 2016/17 season.

The Good

Arsenal’s new home kit is the first to make the list. Arsenal have always produced smart kits, and this season’s is no different. It keeps the red and white colours, but adds detail to the shirt with a dark red line down the centre, inspired by Arsenal’s kits of the 1990s. This draws in the eye and makes the body look longer and more in shape.

Bournemouth away is the next kit, which is primarily blue with stripe detailing. The horizontal stripes across the body of the shirt in a lighter blue give the shirt texture. These stripes are continued on the socks, which gives the kit a uniformed look.

Swansea also creeps onto the list, with their 2016/17 away kit. Their shirts host a gradient style, with the strong turquoise colour fading to a dark navy on the shirt and in the shorts. This kit is unlike anything in the Premier League and so earns its place on our shortlist for being different. It also manages to pull off something no other club has tried successfully.


The Bad

Chelsea unfortunately win’s a place on our list of bad kits, with their away day strip. The away shirt comprises of black and grey stripes, which to us just reminds us a little of school uniform. This isn’t helped by the fluorescent yellow Adidas stripes and crest, which are just a bit too bright in contrast to the rest of the shirt.

Crystal Palace’s away kit is also on the list for its use of bright colours. Their choice for 2016/17 is all bright yellow, with a red and blue diagonal sash across the chest. Although many Palace kits have featured a sash detail in the past, it just looks like something Miss England would wear. This isn’t improved at all by the murky yellow colour featured on the shirt, shorts and socks.

The last place on this list is given to Liverpool’s third kit, which we hope won’t have to be worn much throughout the season. The shirt, shorts and socks of this kit are all bright lime green, which just hurts the eyes to look at. It doesn’t need too much explaining; this kit is definitely one to keep in the locker room.


The Ugly

Bournemouth wins another place on the list, however this time not for anything decent. Their third kit follows suit from Liverpool’s with another luminous green colour. This shirt looks like something that would glow in the dark. Much better suited on a hi-vis jacket rather than a football kit.

Manchester City’s third kit features a gradient design, much like Swansea’s away kit. However, City haven’t managed to pull it off very well. Their third shirt fades from bright orange to dark purple, with stripes of the opposing colour running across the shirt. Another blinding design that hopefully won’t get much pitch time this season.

Sunderland claim the final place on the list with their third kit – a pink and purple number. This kit uses pink as its base colour, with horizontal purple stripes running across it. The stripes are given more detail by being made up of diagonal lines, but unfortunately even that doesn’t make the kit look any better – another disaster.


There you have it – if these new kits don’t get you excited for the football season we don’t know what will. Hopefully we won’t have to see many of the third kits being used. As each club seems to have taken the opportunity of the third kit to create something completely… unique.

If you want some new sportswear, but don’t want to fork out for an official football kit, check out our website here. We sell a large amount of sport and athletic wear, so there’s something for watching the football in, or having a kick about in the park yourself.

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