Hottest New Cars For 2016

Written by Kimberley | 08/02/2016

The world of cars is constantly expanding. To give you an incite we decide to find what hottest cars we will be graced with throughout 2016. If you are thinking of upgrading your wheels you should defiantly consider the following.

Aston Martin DB11

The DB11 will be revealed at the Geneva show in early March. This new addition is a clean cut all new Aston Martin. The obvious similarities still remain, in the basic shape and form. Everything else will be revamped and up-scaled, new engine, new technology, new chassis as if that isn’t enough there is even a new approach to leather in the cabin.


Bugatti Chiron

Having aborted the Galibier super-saloon, hampered by the emissions scandal that engulfed Volkswagen, Bugatti is finally ready to unleash the Chiron. This will be the replacements for the world’s fastest car the Veryon. The Chiron will feature a heavily reworked version of the Veryron’s quad turbo, 16 cylinder, 8.0 litre engine generating and unbelievable 1500bhp.

The top speed has risen to an astonishing 290mph. The weight of the car has been reduced by using extensive amounts of carbon fibre in the cars structure. Initially a production run of 500 is planned, costing close to £2.5m when it goes on sale in 2017. But don’t worry we will see it some point sooner.



BWM certainly has an art of creating cars that are the ultimate driving machines. The M2 without doubt follows this course. If 2016 provides us with a more straightforward, old fashioned and analogue fun to drive car than this we will be extremely surprised.

This newest BMW invention uses a 3.0 liter,  six-cylinder turbo engine, which produces 365bhp at 6500rpm. Featuring a lightweight suspension set up and uses bespoke Michelin rubber. Most importantly it’s also available with a manual gearbox.


Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa have stated they will market the car under the blatantly romantic tagline of “the mechanics of emotion” sounding much better in Italian “la meccanica delle emozioni”. Afla are also insistent that the range will feature the very best engines, technical solutions, rear drive dynamics, weight distribution and Italian design.


Ford Focus RS

There is no surprise that this is an early contender for the car of the year for just three simple reasons.

The Focus RS has 345bhp and although its four-wheel drive, it still features “drift mode”. All this has a base price of just £28.940. The Focus RS might be channelling Fords near half century history in democratic high performance, but of all cars this one is perfect for a generation of instagrammers who do still love a fast drive.


Land Rover Discovery 5

If you are looking at sheer capability and usefulness the current Land Rover Discovery 4 is undoubtedly the best car in the world. But it is due a revamp now so make way for the Disco 5, it won’t be called this but the name is something that has not yet been agreed on. Under the rein of design boss Gerry McGovern the separation of luxury Range Rover and the more robust Land Rover is still cleverly evolving. The new Disco 5 will effectively be an up-scaled version of the Discovery Sport. Being vastly lighter than the current 2.5 tonne mammoth, meaning the new version handles much better.


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