How to Rock a Plain Tee

Written by Kimberley | 21/12/2016

A plain tee may not seem exciting, but you don’t have to dress flashy to look great, and a plain shirt doesn’t have to be plain if you know how to spruce it up! A killer pair of jeans will make an otherwise simple t shirt look much more smart. Also, if you’ve treated yourself to a good pair of kicks this festive season, then a plain t shirt is exactly what you’ll need so that it doesn’t steal the attention away from your trainers.

These plain t shirts from Ralph Lauren are perfect; they come in black, white, navy and grey. The lighter colours are good for making your tan pop if you have one and are perfect for summer in general, whilst the darker colours absorb heat and help to keep you warm during these darker days. Not only that, but darker colours are much smarter for going on a night out.


Slim-fit jeans are the way to go when rocking a plain tee, as t shirts are usually tight fitting and thus you want to keep the fit of the outfit balanced. These G Star Raws are a perfect go-to for this look. The original classic denim colour can go with any of the basic colours of the Ralph Lauren t shirts. Not only that, but G Star are a great brand, well known for their quality clothing.


These Nike Air Max trainers would go perfect with a white or grey tee. As the t shirts themselves are plain, less focus will be on your shirt and more people will notice how fresh your shoes are. They would go particularly well with this outfit, as it is quite a casual ensemble.

tee-3For a more ‘smart casual’ look, boots could be a great way to go, particularly the darker colours like navy and black. These boots would also be a sturdier, more hard wearing option in the colder, wetter parts of winter. These boots would also go well with a leather, bomber, or denim jacket.

By Genevieve Lewis

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