How to Accessorise a Suit

Written by Kimberley | 14/11/2016

It’s the time of year were men everywhere are pulling the suit from the back of the wardrobe, dusting it off and checking it fits. Not only do you need to check if fits you need to ensure that you have the accessorise to go with it.

We’re not talking about flashing ties or dickie bows. Here is a guide to help you accessories your suit in subtle ways to add that extra premium style.

Pocket Square

The pocket square is a pocket handkerchief used for purely decorative purposes. This originated from a small square of material used for wiping one’s nose. The material in which the square was made could vary per wealth of the owner, the more prosperous using silk.

This is a simple but effective way of adding colour to what can be a dark dull look. It is rarely worn in a business environment as it can create an informal impression. It is found that they are more often worn at social event.



Men’s cufflinks are one of the most underrates pieces in men’s fashion. These simple small pieces of metal connecting the end of the sleeves together might not seem like much but it makes a difference. Cufflinks are something you can experiment with and be creative chose something that matches your taste. But be careful, chose something fun and express yourself but don’t go overboard it can ruin your smart look.


Men’s belts are such a simple accessory that is worn so often. However, many forget to wear one with a suit. Choose one with a simple buckle this eliminates it standing out too much against your suit. In this case simplicity is key.


The tie is the most common accessories of choice when it come to neckwear. Traced back to 1618 beginning with Croatian mercenaries from the Military frontier in French services wearing small knotted neckerchiefs. This new article of clothing started a fashion craze in Europe where both men and women wore pieces of fabric around their necks.

Today this is a sign of a mature gentleman. Always buy silk ties, anything else is thought of being cheap. Also, when buying a tie make sure you have certain suit and shirt in mind. If you’re wearing a black or navy suit with a white dress shirt its likely you are attending a more conservative function, this calls for a solid black tie. At fun dinners and parties, you can experiment with colour and pattered ties, consider dots, striped or bold patterns.



Most men treat footwear as an afterthought, this means you are risking ruining what is most likely a carefully considered suit. Black footwear is ideal as this can go with virtually any suit colour you have. Nothing works better than black leather, whether lace up or slip on. Other colours to consider are brown/burgundy, except for a black suit. Remember the darker the shade the more formal the shoe.

If you are going for a slim fit suit, ensure your footwear is also slim and sleek. A wide chunky shoe with slim fit suit can throw off the look entirely.


To complete the look a watch is a great choice. This adds style and adds a crisp completed look to the outfit. However, don’t be too in your face, when you’re standing up your shirt sleeve should cover the watch, and when your moving you’re arms the watch should be visible. This is a subtle way of including a watch in the outfit.


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