How to Care for your Facial Hair

Written by Kimberley | 08/11/2016

As winter comes and Movember continues, it’s about time all men start thinking about ditching the razor in replacement of some facial warming fuzz. After a short lived summer, Autumn this year has already proved to be a cold one and with beards definitely in, there’s no better time to experiment with your appearance and grow a beard.

Having recently grown out my own – a 3 month journey for some questionable coverage – i’ve learnt there are certain do’s and don’ts when caring for and maintaining your facial hair.

  • LET IT GROW. The biggest obstacle to growing some good facial hair is the passing awkward stages and believe me, depending on your genetics, there will be a lot of them. Thin patches, overzealous sideburns turned mutton chops, colour differences – you name it, it can happen. Bite the bullet, swallow your pride and let you facial hair flourish. It’ll all work out if you just let it grow
  • With the recent weather turning very British, the cold often means dry skin and brittle hair. It’s important that you not only moisturise the skin but the beard hair itself. If you’ve already got some coverage then go for a good quality beard oil, as that’ll keep your hair healthy and prevent dryness. If not, go for a simple facial moisturiser every morning and every night.
  • Whilst you should let your facial hair grow, there obviously comes the problem with wild, untamed areas and thinner, ‘wispier’ whiskers – a contrast that often looks silly. If this is the case, feel free to trim your overgrown areas to match the slower growing areas of your face – but be warned, if left to their devices the longer areas will often eventually provide coverage to the thinner parts, making everything look a lot more balanced. Again, this is the bane of the awkward phase!
  • Keeping clean is a must, especially with the recent studies that have shown some of the strange and outright disgusting particles found in some people’s beards (we’ll spare you the details). A daily beard shampoo will keep your hair clean and smelling great. Not only that, it’ll keep the hair soft and strokable for when flocks of women are inevitably drawn to your beard. Be sure to use a beard oil to prevent post-shower dryness.
  • Massaging your facial hair is great for a number of reasons – it promotes hair growth by bringing fresh blood to the stimulated area, it makes your hair look ‘bushier’ which gives the illusion of better coverage and, if done with beard oil (and it should be) then you’ll be moisturising the area all the while.

Above are a few of the more essential tips in caring for you facial hair. If you’ve never considered growing a beard, now is a great time to reclaim your masculinity; and given that it’s Movember and facial hair is most definitely in style at the moment, you’d be a fool not to!

Written by Aaron Thompson

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