How to Chose the Right Fragrance for You

Written by Kimberley | 12/01/2016

Just like clothing, shoes and style we need to realize that your fragrance also has a shelf life of acceptability. Just like no skate shoes after 30 and bin the snap back when you get a proper job. Stop using that fragrance your gran bought for you 5 Christmases ago.

It’s simple however certain scents do have youthful connotations, or will at least remind everyone of something that was memorable from the 1990s, and this is where that scent should stay.


20 and Under

These sprightly years can be spent wearing whatever the hell you want. So make the most of this, go bold with your fragrance. Friends will sway towards a sweeter smell, possibly with a strong citrus and with a metallic touch.

For this you want to be looking for Paco Robanne One Million or Calvin Klein Dark Obsession, both these are perfect for the younger gent, creating a youthful scent with a touch of distinctiveness.


21 – 25 Years

Ok so now you should begin maturing, time to get a job. In order to impress and move on you need to overhaul wearing the Paco Robanne. At this stage you should be looking for something smarter and fresher leaving the sweet fragrance behind.

Prada Luna Rossa Sport has a berry undertone with a slight hint of lavender, predominantly a spicy citrusy scent. This fragrance will deliver a quick punchy smell enough to stand out in a crown and remain a lasting impression.


25 – 32 Years

Let’s face it time is ticking on and your life is likely to be becoming more serious. T-Shirts in your wardrobe should now have become less graphic and those things you could get away with in your early twenties really have no place now. As your wardrobe changes and career improves don’t allow your scent to slack.

A scent that delivers a woody, spicy and citrus is Herve Leger Homme. This is the perfect aroma for the working office gentleman.


32 – 45 Years

For any gentleman this can be a difficult time, realising that you’re no longer in your youth but not wanting to let go. However, entering middle age is no excuse to let your style fall by the way side. To match this your fragrance needs updating.

One of which you can chose for this is Acqua di Parma Colonia Oud. It’s a fusion of your youth and has the distinctiveness of older age.


45 Plus

Like fine wines everyone knows men get better with age. It’s time for sharp suits, broadsheets, Radio 4 and the corner office. At this age its likely we no longer care what others think, so it’s really your time to go bolder with your fragrance.

Tom Fords Tobacco Vanille has a warm scent of smokiness enhanced by creaminess and slight sweetness. Originally the fragrance was inspired by the tradition English gentleman’s club. Which is in perfect keeping of how you would like to smell at such age.


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