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Written by Eleanor | 26/10/2016


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Deciding what to wear for a flight is an interesting question. Obviously you’re going to be spending time in the airport both before and afterwards, so you don’t want to look like a complete slob in your pyjamas. But at the same time, you definitely want to be comfortable.

Luckily there are many options today that combine both the comfort of your bedtime attire, with the style of a man about town. Mainline Menswear is here to give you a few outfit options, ensuring you can fly in both comfort and class.



First of all let’s build the outfit from the bottom up. Comfortable footwear is very important for a flight, as you’re not only going to be sitting in them for however many hours, but also doing a lot of walking around the airport too.

You may think footwear isn’t that important as you can just take your shoes off on the plane – but do you really want to me that guy with the smelly feet in aisle nine everyone is complaining about? We didn’t think so…

Trainers are the ideal choice. You can walk around in them for as long as you need, and they’re not particularly tight on your feet so you can survive keeping them on during the flight itself. We suggest Adidas Gazelle’s or Cruyff Classics. Both have a minimalistic body, meaning they’re lightweight shoes and easy to relax in – plus they’re both very fashionable.


Naturally, choosing your clothing for a flight is very important too. We suggest a pair of slim-fit joggers, in black or navy. The dark colour combined with the slim fit will make your joggers look very similar to jeans, but with so much more added comfort. Try these EA7 joggers or these slim fit jogging bottoms from Franklin Marshall.

Complete your look with a comfortable t-shirt, and a comfortable jumper or hoodie you can wrap around yourself if it gets too cold. This knitted jumper from G Star Raw is guaranteed to keep you warm, or if you want something with a hood try out this signature hoodie from Levi’s.

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Finally, accessorise your outfit with a hat or scarf. A classic Carhartt beanie will keep your head both warm and stylish. Or take this Ralph Lauren scarf, which can always double as a blanket if you want a quick nap.

Of course, you can’t forget about your luggage bags themselves. Mainline Menswear has a collection of bags you can check out here, or visit our main website here to try and find something completely unique to you.

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