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Written by Eleanor | 11/08/2016

noelNoel Gallagher is well-known as the former lead man of indie rock band, Oasis. He quit the band in 2009 following a fight with his brother, Liam, but was still very influential to the music prior to his departure. He later formed a new band in 2010, called Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.

Gallagher is recognised worldwide as a fashion and style icon. He even has a twitter account devoted to his wardrobe, @NoelWears. At Mainline Menswear, we’ve looked through some of Noel’s most iconic looks, and brought you a quick style guide about the music legend.

Noel main


For casual dress, there’s nothing Noel prefers more than his black leather jacket. Paired in this look with dark navy jeans, a grey jumper, skinny scarf and of course, sunglasses. To achieve this look for yourself we suggest this Armani Jeans leather jacket, Levi’s Noel casual511 slim jeans, a striped Ted Baker scarf and Ralph Lauren sunglasses.

This look is ideal for any casual outing; whether you go out for drinks or to a music gig yourself. The skinny scarf is visually appealing against the grey and black background, and the stripes draw in the eye in stand-out colours. Sunglasses are of course a must for any Noel Gallagher outfit, as you will hardly ever catch him without them!

On Stage

On stage, he keeps it casual with a well fitted black polo shirt. This time paired with slightly darker grey jeans. He also accessories with rings and bracelets, to give off his cool stage persona as all know and love. Instead of a guitar strap, he uses a brown leather belt to hold it up; however, you can change this up slightly and wear a belt as it’s supposed to be worn!Noel stage

To pull this off, we have several black polo shirts you can choose from. We suggest either this Fred Perry tipped collar polo, or this ultra slim Lacoste polo. These Calvin Klein jeans will also work perfectly with this classic brown Ted Baker belt.


For a smarter look, Gallagher dresses up in a fitted black suit with a crisp white shirt. In his hand are, to no surprise, sunglasses. These Ray Ban Aviators are definitely something he would choose, having a sleek and fashionable style.Noel smart

For a white shirt, you can’t go wrong with Ralph Lauren, the slim style working well to provide a fitted look. Paired with a slim Vivienne Westwood suit you’ll look like a classic gentleman; ready for any occasion.

Without a doubt, Noel Gallagher is a musician who oozes style. Thankfully, with this style guide, you can too. Visit our website here to browse our extensive stock and get the Gallagher look for yourself.

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