How to Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

Written by Kimberley | 22/04/2016




Time To Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

Be ready for the Warmer Season and prepare your wardrobe with these easy steps.

Yes! It’s that time of year where we can finally ditch the cosy jumper we have been wearing for the last few months! Give that over-used jumper a break and break out the summer wear!

Follow these easy steps to get you ready for the summer season without having to dig deep in your wardrobe to find that piece you have been saving for the sunnier days!


Step 1. Get the Tunes On

This process doesn’t have to be completed in silence! Crank up your favorite playlist.

Step 2. Get Organised

Designate 3 spaces for the following 3 piles: ‘Keep for next winter’, ‘Summer Worthy’ and ‘It’s a charity case’.

Step 3. The Fun Bit

Completely tear your wardrobe apart! As you go through your wardrobe, place each garment in either of the 3 designated spaces.

Step 4. Get Rid of the Spares

So now you have your 3 piles completed. Well done! Now what to do with them?

The charity pile – Chuck all of it into a hefty bin bag and bob’s your uncle.

The winter pile – This pile should be stored in a cool dark place. It is important to make sure all your winter clothes are clean before storing them away. Also invest in space-saving vacuum storage bags.  You will be amazed about how much will fit into one of those!

Step 5. Keep it Basic

Simple Staples like crew neck tees, boxers and socks are always a must. Keep these on top drawer for easy and quick access. Then sort the rest of the pile from tops and bottoms.

Step 6. Take Care of the Formal Wear

Make sure that your formal wear is ready for any event. However refresh your accessories from watches to ties.

Step 7. Put a Spring in your Step

Don’t forget to polish and take care of your summer shoes! Put your winter boots to the back of your wardrobe and refresh your boat shoes.

Step 8. Keep Shopping!

Treat yourself to a classic Lacoste Polo Shirt or a Ralph Lauren Summer Jumper. New garments always make for a happy and refreshed wardrobe!


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