Designer Stocking Fillers for Men

Written by Kimberley | 17/10/2016




Stocking fillers have always been a troublesome topic when buying for men at Christmas. Fortunately, Mainline Menswear have a huge range of stylish clothes and accessories to make buying gifts for your friends and family that much easier.

After another classic British summer that was over before it began, now winter is quickly closing in and with it the long awaited stockings, sherry and stress of Christmas celebrations.

To help you meet the holiday’s daunting prospect of gift-giving, the good folk at Mainline Menswear have compiled a short list of items to help you tackle that age old issue of what to get the males in your life without being met with an eye roll. For the more adventurous of you, why not visit our Christmas Gifts section, as we’ve hand picked the best gifts and presents for the festive season for you.


Superdry Rambler belt and wallet set

First on the list is Superdry’s Rambler belt and wallet set. At £25, this is a nifty little gift that comes in both navy and black, an option for any guy with style. It includes a denim wallet with plenty of compartments for your cards (too small for Christmas cards, we’re afraid) and a woven dark marl belt complete with an engraved, chic silver buckle finish. A great gift that people don’t realize they need until they get it, save him the time of clearing the receipts out of his old worn wallet with this neat, new one.


Levi’s 3 pack cotton socks

Who doesn’t like new socks, or rather, who doesn’t need new socks? The ‘old reliable’ of stocking fillers, everyone appreciates the feel of warm new socks in the winter; and at only £15 these Levi’s are a thoughtful little purchase for any man. Levi’s great quality even caters to the more picky ‘brand man’ in your life. Each pack contains three pairs and with three different color packs to choose from, you can’t go wrong!

Crep Protect spray

An absolute gem in the Mainline collection, the ‘Crep Protect Spray’ does what it says on the can – it ‘protects your creps’. The revolutionary product protects your shoes by creating a clean barrier on your footwear that effectively allows dirt and liquids to slide off leaving your shoes unstained. This spray will keep your kicks clean for a long, long time and at only £10, it’ll definitely help you save in the long run.


Levi’s underwear

No man can do without new underwear and if he says he can, he’s a liar. In this Levi’s tri-pack you get three pairs of stretch-comfort boxer briefs, one in a unique yet stylish wavy geometric design, another in an irregular vertical white stripe design and a third pair in classic solid indigo navy. Each have an elasticated waistband with the brand stitched in and are a cheaper, yet no-less quality alternative to Calvin Klein’s at only £30. Packs of two are also available on Mainline for £20-£22.

Barbour scarf and gloves set

One of the more expensive item on the list at £48, the Barbour brand bespeaks high quality; and this glove and scarf combo is the perfect, higher end option stocking filler for that very special person. The scarf is a warm tartan design, woven in a red, yellow, grey and black color scheme and comes with a pair of lambswool gloves to keep those hands warm.

Winter doesn’t have to mean worse for wear, and with this scarf-glove combo your partner, friend or family can stay stylish and keep cosy in the cold.


Superdry navy t-shirt

Simplicity is key in style, so it’s no wonder that this Superdry navy cotton t-shirt is a particular favorite of the Mainline Menswear collection. Available in navy, black, white and grey, this ribbed v-neck is a wise choice no matter what color you choose, and is sure to be met with smiles if someone was to find it in their stocking..

Written By Max Clark

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