When Style Meets Technology

Written by Eleanor | 18/08/2016



Technology is always advancing. From smartphones to tablets and even sunglasses which can show you your text messages. There’s no stopping it. Now, technology is beginning to merge into the fashion industry.

This first came about with stylish smart watches and fitness trackers. But you can now get clothes that will charge your iPhone, and there’s even a hoodie that can send text messages for you. On the more low-key side of things, Mainline Menswear is going to look at the technological advances behind clothing. How what we wear today is adapted to protect and care for us.

By style meeting technology, we mean advances in how clothing can now equip you for anything. Jackets which are tested in wind tunnels to provide you with the best protection. And jeans which are worn for a workout so they can stretch and adapt to your every move.

Clothing has now been developed so it can change colour depending on the temperature, repair itself and reflect lights to change its appearance.


To start off, we’ll look at denim, and specifically Replay Hyperflex jeans. These jeans are created using three layers of fabric; lyrca for movement, poly to protect the lyrca, and cotton to provide the denim look. They are made with 100% elasticity so they don’t sag or deform after intense movement. Offering complete ease of motion which you don’t often get with jeans. Style Technology 2

The technology behind this is simply designed to allow the wearer to do more in their jeans. Denim can be very hard and stiff, especially if it’s raw denim. The design that Replay have put into action means you can wear your jeans every day, go for a run in them or even play as game of football – as modelled by Barcelona.

Jackets – Pyrenex

Jackets are probably the most obvious piece of clothing that has been massively advanced with the help of new technology. Two brands which are at the forefront of this are The North Face and Pyrenex.

First up if we look at Pyrenex, they use only the finest quality down and feathers in their jackets. Down provides heat and insulation, while the feathers give shape and bounce to the feel of their jackets. Jackets are tested in extreme cold weather environments, subjected to wind, snow and rain. Each jacket goes through a rigorous testing period before it hits the shelves.

Pyrenex sells jackets from three ranges, specially developed for different levels of activity. Pyrenex Heritage are lightweight and durable, easily enough for outdoor activities in the UK. The Sport range is developed for exactly what you’d think: sporting activities. Finally, their Iconic range produces the most high-tech jackets, developed for extreme climates and expeditions.

Jackets – The North Face

The North Face is one of the world’s leading producers in high quality jackets and equipment that are at the front of technological advances into fashion and durability.

One of their recent releases was The North Face ThermoBall jacket – which uses a new technology developed by The North Face themselves. The material is called PrimaLoft synthetic insulation (also called ThermoBall) which has been developed as an alternative to down and feathers.

The main advantage of this is that it is designed to be equally as warm when dry and when wet. To test this, an independent company – gearjunkie – subjected the jacket to being dunked in a near-freezing river. After this it was then taken on a snowy hike. The result was exactly as The North Face described, equally as warm even immediately after being in freezing water.

Although The North Face themselves don’t tend to test jackets this way, they do all go through a severe testing process within the company. The North Face jackets are not released until they are of the highest quality and the product testers are completely happy with them.

Style Technology 4 Style Technology 3

Mainline Menswear sells products from each of the brands above. Plus many more incredible pieces of clothing and footwear which are specifically developed for certain environments. Other examples include a lot of the trainers we stock, with certain models developed for certain sports.

Breathable sports clothing is also available, as well as state of the art watches which can give you tide times, worldwide clocks and resistance to extreme temperatures and depths. Visit our website here to browse our extensive stock, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about what technological advances our clothing has to offer.

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