Ted Baker Comes to Scarborough

Written by Kimberley | 29/02/2016

ted baker The Ted Baker Spring Summer 2016 campaign has all been created in the heart of the countries seaside town Scarborough. This picturesque collection guarantees you six-star style and spectacular sights.

Ted Baker

Check out a splendid collection for men that’s filled with utterly astonishing prints, from arty to thoroughly modern and sporty. Ted Baker has it all covered. From the business man to the sandcastle builder, a gentlemen of good appearance will thoroughly enjoy exploring this collection.

As Mainline Menswear is a Scarborough based company we are proud to see this iconic brand use the town to create such an elegant campaign. Ted Baker capture some of the most famous parts of the town. From the Grand Hotel, The Spa, Harbour Bar to rides on speed boats.

Grand Hotel

Scarborough’s Grand Hotel dates back to 1867. Originally designed on a theme of time: four towers to represent seasons, 12 floors to represent months, 52 chimneys to symbolize weeks and 365 bedrooms one for each day of the year. Ted Baker used this setting for their formal evening attire. Photographing on the grand staircase and between the pillars in corridors each part of the photo-shoot breathes elegance and character.


MW_Marimba_P1 The Spa

This grand Victorian building is a grade II listed building. Originally built around the source of Scarborough Spa waters. The Spa was founded after Thomasin Farrer a Scarborough citizen found natural spring water bubbling out beneath the cliff. This water stained the rocks and tasted bitter it was said to cure minor ailments. Over time this part of Scarborough became extremely popular. The Spa has a Grand Hall that seats nearly 2,000 this venue has been used to showcase Ted Bakers casual evening attire.

Harbour Bar

Scarborough’s famous ice cream bar – Harbour Bar also features in the Ted Baker campaign. This venue has been unaltered since its opening in 1945, creating a rich vintage décor. This décor compliments perfectly the daywear which Ted Baker showcases in this location.  Rich in color the apparel and setting are pouring with summer shades.

Harbour Bar

To create your summer look browse the vast collection of Ted Baker clothing now at Mainline Menswear.


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