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Written by Kimberley | 20/05/2016

From 22 May to 5th June Tennis fans will be able to enjoy the excitement of the second Grand Slam event of the year. It will be the 115th edition of the French Open. This year’s open will take place at the Stade Roland Garrors, the tournament will host professional players in singles, doubles and mixed doubles. Stan Wawrinka is the defending champion in the Men’s Singles and Serena Williams is the defending champion in the Women’s singles.

The tournament is organised by the ITF – International Tennis Federation and it part of the 2016 ATP World Tour. This tournament will be played on outdoor clay courts.

History of The French Open

The first ever French championships were held in 1891. Originally this was reserved for members of French clubs. Women’s singles were added six years later and it wasn’t until 1925 that the French tennis federation decided to open the tournament to foreign players.

The French open is a tournament that stands out in the international sporting calendar. It is a large part of the heritage of its home country, France. This all began in 1891 with the beginning of the “French Clay Court Championships”. On court the home players were continually dominating in what they called a golden age.


Players if the French Open

Each of the 128 players dream of playing in this venue specially to get to the final on the second Sunday. Only a few will be lucky and skilled enough to reach this honor.

When looking at the players competing in this year’s open there are two factors to consider:

What are there clay court abilities? Clay courts can be a massive difference for some players, they need extreme rallying endurance and mental strength.

How have they performed lately? 2016 seems to have been a tough year for some players. It has seen the former world number one Roger Federer withdraw due to a back injury. However, we have seen many more players emerge.

Like many sports it’s impossible to say who is going to be the sporting hero. To find out watch the tournament unveil and keep up to date on all sporting news.


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