The Best & Worst Trends of 2015

Written by Kimberley | 08/01/2016

It has been frequently said that 2015 was the year that put a spanner in the works of fashion. Not only was there the launch of a menswear fashion week in New York, but Yeezy went on sale in October and lauded style icons Derek Zoolander and Hansel graces the Valentino AW15 runway.

We have put this post together to highlight the best and worst trends of 2015. So you know what to ditch and what you can carry on into 2016.

Best Trends

Tonal Looks – We wouldn’t advise you to douse yourself in it head to toe in it. But in the right amount this look can be successful and easy. In an age where greater and greater amounts of our time are spent tapping smartphone screens and searching for the optimal work-life balance, ways of making things simpler are always welcome and this is certainly a simple look to create.


Military Green – 2015 was the year that we saw this shade of green deployed across everything from shirts and shearling jackets to trousers and tailoring, making men everywhere look every inch the field marshal we like to think we are.

Double Denim – Prior to 2015 we have seen men spend time flouncing around almost exclusively in skinny suits and silk scarves, 2015 however was the year menswear finally went back to basics. Denim as fashions oldest workhorse lead this change.

Trucker vests over denim shirts, black skinnies team with button-downs chambray and even a few carefully selected Canadian tuxedoes. Safe to say it’s been a great year for the double denim.

Athleisure – It’s a shame this great trend has such a terrible name. But as this trends show the loopback cotton transition from casual to smart that we have been anticipating for so long has now landed.

Due to us wearing sportswear outside the four walls of a gym, athleisure has elevated from casualwear classics to the forefront of cutting edge style. However, we still don’t give you the ok to wear a Lonsdale sweat to your local.


Worst Trends

Big Beards – For a lot of people 2015 was the year we finally reached boiling point with big beards. It’s a high time full on facial hair is shown the door. They’re unruly, unkempt and most of all make you look like a freak show feature. We advise January is the month you swap for a cleaner, more contemporary shorter beard or stubble.

Socks with Sliders – This is one of those trends however you dress it up and try to justify it, it will never be OK. Unless of course if it’s for some fancy dress outfit.


Wearable Tech – Despite the stunned response to the Apple watch in April last year, after this 2015 has seen wearable tech take off in leaps and bounds. Unfortunately, a lot of this is still lacking in the looks department though.

Amongst the cringe worthy gadgets has to be the 3RDi, the camera-enabled headband as you can see below. We advise until they catch up with the fashion world you hold off on these kind of gadgets.


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