How to Treat a Wax Jacket

Written by Kimberley | 28/04/2016

wax How to re-wax a Barbour jacket

The iconic Barbour jacket has been protecting generations of men from the wind and rain for over a hundred years. This classic and versatile jacket is a staple item of clothing in any man’s wardrobe. With care and regular waxing, a Barbour jacket will remain with you for a lifetime and never show its age.

With these easy to follow steps, we have come up with the essential step-by-step guide on how to bring back your tired wax jacket to life.


Clean and prep the jacket

Before waxing the jacket, make sure to clean the jacket as best you can with ice cold water and a sponge. It is important not to use soaps, solvents and abrasive scrubs or a washing machine to clean your jacket as this ruins the material and strips the waterproof coating permanently.

Heat the applied wax

Stand a tin of reproofing wax in hot water for approximately 20 minutes until it melts clear.  Cut up an old t-shirt and use the pieces to work the wax in a circular motion into the jacket.

Apply the wax

Quickly blend any dark patches that appear as you apply the wax. Play close attention to seams, collars, creases and areas of heavy use. Ensure shoulder and upper arms are waxed thoroughly as these are areas which will take the worst of the rain. Ensure to wipe off any excess and try to keep the color of the jacket consistent.

Dry and wipe

To get an extra smooth finish, blow over with a hair dryer to smooth out the application of the wax. Once re-waxed, hang the jacket in a warm place away from any other garments to dry overnight. Place newspaper underneath the jacket, this will catch any excess.

Wear it

After re-waxing, your jacket is ready to wear for another season. It is recommended to follow this process at least once a year in order to keep you dry all year round.



Written by Alex Walker

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