Wardrobe Essentials Every Man Should Own

Written by Kimberley | 20/12/2016

wardrobe New seasons call for new fashion trends and new fashion trends call for new clothes, all of which can become a bit tedious – particularly around Christmas time where money is tight.

However, there are absolute necessities of a man’s wardrobe that are essential no matter the weather, as well as timeless classics that are crucial to any outfits. Below, we’ve listed several of these necessities that you can’t go far wrong stocking up on or jotting down on your Christmas list. From socks and underwear to crispy white tees and levi jeans, here are our 8 wardrobe essentials every man should own.

Eight Wardrobe Essentials


Beginning with the absolute fundamentals, boxer shorts are a must for any man. Everyone needs boxers, and Calvin Klein have become the go-to in regards to all things underwear for years. The CK symbol has become quite the benchmark for quality and for very good reason.


Continuing with the fundamentals; simple, black socks are always the best option as they fit any and all occasions. Not much more need be said about this essential, because we know that you know you need it!

White T-Shirt
A perfect t-shirt for any occasion, the ‘plain white tee’ is essential in menswear, if only for the sole purpose of it’s versatility. Whether being worn casually with a pair of joggers or more formally with some black jeans and shoes, the ‘white tee’ is the true top of every man.



Whether you’re popping down the shops, hitting the gym or lounging around the house, joggers are a staple in casual wear and, as noted above, can fit numerous occasions. They’re also reasonably fashionable now in terms of casual wear which means you can look stylish and be completely comfortable whilst you’re doing it!

Black Polo T-Shirt

Simple and smart, a black polo is a great clothing choice for events on the smarter end of smart-casual. Without being too showy, it’s always a good choice whether it be for a night out, a meal with friends or anything inbetween.



Another essential for obvious reasons, jeans are the perfect trousers to suit any occasion. They look neat, stylish, and if you go with a black pair, the fact they’re monochrome means they’ll go with anything.

Brown Shoes

If there’s one shoe that can fit any occasion it’s a semi-smart brogue. Whether worn with smart jeans or casual chinos, the brogue is a great shoe for most, if not all occasions be them formal, casual and everything inbetween.


Bomber Jacket

When regarding essentials in overwear, it’s important to have a jacket to fit all occasions and conditions. It’s no use having a huge winter jacket that causes you to overheat in certain weather conditions despite keeping you warm in others. A great happy medium in year-round outerwear are bomber jackets. They’re trendy, fit a huge variety of clothing styles and more importantly – they’re a practical whatever the weather.

Written by Aaron Thompson

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