Ways to Wear Floral

Written by Kimberley | 25/04/2016

Floral wear is no longer branded women’s wear. This style of print is now a staple part of men’s spring/summer wardrobe. Similar to many prints floral can be fitted with anything from three-piece tailoring to the lad’s holiday in Malia.

Here are a few ways to incorporate floral into your wardrobe in a tasteful way.

Floral Footwear:

A colorful pair of sneaks can brighten up an otherwise dull look. If you go for a deep sole on sneaks this creates a vintage style just how the Vans and Converse in the image do. Paired with a simple minimalist outfit this look is for them who don’t want to overdo the floral look.

Floral Collage

Make it Match:

The key to choosing the right shirt is pick out a neutral tone that will match your shorts or trousers. So while the shirt is vibrant it still has similar tone to another item in the outfit bringing the tone down.

Get the fit:

When thinking floral shirts, it’s easy to image the large baggy Hawaiian shirt. Be careful to not incorporate this into floral shirts. The shirt should still be fitted as the other shirts in your wardrobe does.


Print Size:

The second size related issue to think of is the size of the print on the item of clothing. Measuring the size of your print is always a good move. Bright colors can always be more appealing, however subtle shades are easier to pull off.

Start with a smaller print and neutral colors to ease yourself in. Remember less is always more.

Simple things:

Head to toe flowery print is not for us all. There is an alternative that can add the floral look in a subtle way. Pocket squares, T Shirt trims, or even socks. This will give you a hint of color without over doing the look if you aren’t too confident in wearing print.


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