Ways to Reinvent your Style

Written by Kimberley | 04/03/2016


The key to being well dressed is knowing what style suits you. Once knowing this is it very easy to fall into the trap of always wearing that. If jeans and a polo are your style, why not wear them every day?

Many successful people stick to the winning formula of clothing. The idea being that not having to decide what to wear on a morning allows less “decision fatigue”. While this is a valid reason to not switch your outfit up it becomes very predictable. This makes opting for something new a bigger deal than it needs to be.

To help you tackle reinventing your style we have put together a list of the most common areas to consider change. If you are heading into spring thinking you’d like a change, here’s what you can mix up to make a change.

Swap Jeans for Chinos

A good pair of jeans that fit perfectly can rapidly become your best friend. However, jeans are not the only casual pair of trousers in the world. The right pair of chinos can have sturdy cotton, be stylish and versatile just like a pair of jeans. This can work for both casual outfits and evening attire.

Trade Sneakers for Boots

At Mainline Menswear we are great sneaker lovers. Recently the sports world is vastly getting on board with the sportswear style. Given the hype around this style it is easy to fall into the trap of wearing nothing but trainers. This is where spring 2016 is a great time to step out in a pair of shoes that are somewhere between casual and smart. For this boots fit the purpose perfectly. Brogue like boots can be passed as very smart and dress down with turned up jeans.


Denim Shirt and Tie

With workplaces forever becoming more casual. It means there are fewer places the shirt and tie combination are acceptable. With this in mind you can also dress down the shirt and tie combination. Simply wear a denim jacket with tucked under a casual shirt and tie combo. This multi textured look is stylish and oozes fashion sense.

Additional Colour

There’s currently a massive draw towards sportswear which means the style is heavily based on black or dark shades. This can be beneficial is this is your look. However, there are other colours. Even if you like black you really should experiment a little for the spring. If you are afraid of coloured clothing, go for colourful sneaks this is a simple way to add colour.


Coat over Sweats

Traditionally when you think sweats you think hungover days, long haul flights or on route to the gym. This is all changing and slowly is no longer the case. Sweat pants or tapered cuffed pants are likely to be making appearances in the male wardrobe a lot in 2016. This doesn’t mean you have a ticket to look scruffy. Add an element of style by pairing sweats with a weighty wool overcoat. The layering will make it clear that you are style smart.


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