Ways to Wear a Trench Coat

Written by Kimberley | 15/04/2016

The classic trench coat takes military inspiration and creates classic style. This is one piece of outerwear that we are sure will never go out of fashion. This year’s spring outerwear is all about being lightweight.

Fight the April showers and cool evenings with these three simple ways of wearing your trench coat.

1 – The Casual Trench Coat

A trench coat isn’t just to be worn over smart attire. Combine you coat with a weekend look. Creating this look give you an edgy high/low style.

2 – Business Casual

For a casual business look we’d advise you go for a shorter coat. The shorter version is less formal than the classic length. This also makes it easier to wear with a variety of styles. If you are heading for drink after the office this casual business look is perfect.


3 – Classic Suit Business Look

A classic trench coat is guaranteed to look great paired with a tailored suit. The contrast of color, dark suit and light khaki color creates an elegant timeless style.

History of the Trench Coat

It’s well known that the rise of the trench coat came from the WWI. This was developed after a need in the late 1800s for a waterproof fabric that was more lightweight and less sweaty than the rubberized cotton. From this, gabardine a waterproof and breathable cotton fabric was born.

The classic characteristics of the coat came directly from the demands of military use. Khaki color was the first step to introduce camouflage. Previously battles were fought close range, this meant bright colored uniforms were essential to identify one’s comrades.

The final aspect to sway the trench coat was the introduction of trench welfare. British soldiers and officers had previously worn heavy serge (wool) topcoats. This type of coat was heavy when dry so in wet muddy trench conditions they became dangerous. The lighter weight trench coat prevented this issue.

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