What to Wear on Bonfire Night

Written by Kimberley | 21/10/2016




It’s the 5th of November and its gone dark outside, yet you’re on your way to look at a big fire in a field, it is of course Bonfire night. You’re wondering what to wear and most importantly, how to keep warm!

On Bonfire night, layers are your friends, and head-to-toe it’s vital to keep yourself covered from that autumn chill. With Mainline Menswear you can achieve this and still look fly. You’re going to be rooting around the house, in wardrobes, cupboards and drawers for things you haven’t seen since February. Perhaps you’ve found it and feel you could do with a wardrobe update?  Look no further than here, as we give you the essential rundown of what to wear on Bonfire night.

Firstly, the hat and gloves, always a must have for keeping you warm, but fashion-wise easy to get wrong, so easy in fact we’ve got a dedicated how-to guide on the subject.

This Barbour Fleece Lined Trapper Hat In Black, is going to keep your head toasty, while giving a stylish look, if it’s good enough for Pharrell Williams (link below), it’s good enough for you. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2010/dec/12/ask-hadley-fashion-trapper-cheryl


On your hands I’d suggest the North Face Etip gloves in black. These will allow you to text people to let them know you’re at the bonfire and get those firework photos all without having to take your gloves off.

0000 a 327 076I’m picking a woolen scarf, the scarf is going to be mostly hidden from view, so it’s important to focus less on what looks good and more what keeps you the warmest. This grey Barbour Lambswool design would be a good place to start.

Picking the right coat is vital on bonfire night. It’s going to be an awfully cold and bitter night if you get this wrong!

Here’s a guide to help you get layered up; How to Layer Away the Cold.

Pick something that is thick and well insulated, if it has a hood to protect you from any potential November rain, even better. This black Superdry jacket looks perfect, it’s fashionable, padded for extra warmth and comes with a large hood to combat any downpour or cold wind.


The bottom half of your body is simple. On your legs wear jeans, sweatpants or tracksuit bottoms, basically don’t wear shorts (that much is obvious, I hope).

On your feet make sure you have the correct socks on. Some thick winter ones; more akin to putting on if you’re wearing wellies. If you don’t have any, double up on your socks and wear a couple of pairs on your feet, your toes will probably be the coldest part of your body all night.

On the outside of your socks, make sure you have suitable footwear on. Don’t put your favourite pair of trainers on and your posh shoes should remain at home. Instead put on a pair of rigid walking boots. You may be moving around a lot and if you’re in a field with damp grass, you’re going to want something that you don’t mind getting mucky, while keeping your feet bone dry. These brown Timberland Rugged six inch boots should do the trick.

Written By Ashley Boyne


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