What to Wear at the Office Christmas Party

Written by Kimberley | 01/11/2016

When the yearly office Christmas party rolls around, it can be a chore deciding what to wear to this more casual event at your workplace. The suit can be too smart whilst the really casual outfits may leave you feeling under dressed for the occasion.

In our opinion, the best option is a semi-smart casual look – it doesn’t make the occasion feel too formal but still also allows you to wear something different to the usual day-to-day workwear. Something as simple as clothing choice can make an otherwise boring day at the office feel a little more special.

Jeans are always a good option – the cliche that jeans go with everything is exactly why they have been a staple for smart-casual fashion. When going for the smart-casual look, jeans should preferably be a darker colour which once again enhances their ability to go with anything.


These Hugo Boss Navy jeans are the perfect jeans to add the versatility you need to your desired party outfit. The dark wash tone makes selecting the rest of your fit a whole lot easier –  and if black goes with everything then navy isn’t far behind. With the causal aspect chosen, you can now add that formal zest to your outfit by wearing a neat collared shirt.

A button down shirt will allow you to look smart but not to the overextent of wearing a suit and tie. The shirt, like the jeans, is a versatile option and the white goes with quite literally anything – if in doubt, go monochrome! This Levi one-pocket white shirt sold at Mainline Menswear is the perfect choice and not only is it a great style, but an even better fit.


The shirt and jeans combination is a well traveled route for any number of occasions, be it a meal out, a first date or the long awaited Christmas party. It’s a classic look that fits almost any occasion perfectly. Perfection in it’s simplicity, it fits the smart casual brief and it looks great.

To finalise the look, a pair of smart black shoes would compliment this outfit perfectly – it adds a well-dressed icing to a previously causal cake without taking away from the easygoing element. These Ted Baker black brogues fit the bill perfectly, but if the smart black leather look isn’t your style then fear not, because Mainline Menswear also have these high quality brand brogues available in brown.


Having to worry about your Christmas party attire would only add further pressure to an already stressful part of the year. With this guide, you’ll have one less thing to worry about during your festivities which means you can focus on having fun – and look great whilst doing it courtesy of Mainline Menswear.

Written by Fred Blagden


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