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Written by Kimberley | 16/11/2016




Are you struggling to know what to wear at university first thing in the morning? Does deciding what to wear always end up in the same old baggy joggers and t-shirt? Well when you look good, you feel good, so we’ve comprised a few tips to help you take steps into looking better, which in turn will hopefully help you feel better for that dreaded 9am lecture!

University can be a real struggle sometimes, particularly if you have back to back lectures and seminars so it’s all about wearing something comfortable.  Although we understand if you’ve gone out the night before then you’ll probably just go for what’s convenient and be glad made your lecture on time.

It’s all about getting the right balance – you don’t want to dress like you’re going for a job interview, yet you also don’t want to wear your embarrassing outfit that you wear lounging around the house.

Make sure you’ve got a light on, because you don’t want to look like you’ve just dressed in the dark. University students will always look to have a laugh at your expense at any given opportunity, so don’t give them that chance!

0000 a 414 094If you’ve managed to wake up in time to think about what you are wearing, then look to just go for the casual look. Don’t start too flashy – a standard and smart t-shirt is always a good place to start.  Here, we’ve picked out a selection of Hugo Boss t-shirts that would go well with just about any outfit. They’re casual yet still smart enough to look stylish.

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To follow that up, look to wear a light jacket. Not too big, but still gives a fashionable layered look.  A bomber jacket is always a banker for both style and practicality. Take a look at this suave Fred Perry bomber jacket.  It’s something for all weathers too.

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To go with this,  you just want a pair of semi- smart jeans. It completes the causal but fashionable look. Most students will like the brand Levis and for good reason, so here is a pair that will make your outfit on point.

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To complete the look, you’ll need a fresh pair of trainers. Something like these Adidas Los Angeles would be perfect for any occasion as well as go with all casual outfits. The all white trainers will be sure to add that clean, casual flair to this outfit and attract the compliments. Be careful with the all white though – don’t wear them in the rain unless you’ve treated them with Mainline Menswear’s Crep Protect. As good as you’ll look, you just cant afford to ruin them .

However, if you’ve had a heavy night and don’t wake up in time to think about your outfit, throw on some fitted tracksuit bottoms (such as these nikes) or if its warm enough, get the shorts on, the nearest t-shirt to you and some trainers.  You won’t be judged, because there is sure to be someone else who couldn’t wake up in time dressed the same – and no doubt someone dressed worse!

0000 a 266 110An additional but optional accessory to add to the look would be a cap. If you haven’t got the time or simply cannot be bothered to sort your hair out before you leave, throwing a hat on is a fool proof way to avoid the bedraggled barnet! A snapback is always a popular choice at university – it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but they look good and would go well with this outfit. With the casual outfit above, any colour hat would go great, but the picture to the right of the red Lacoste hat is spot on style and shape wise.

All items can be found on http://www.mainlinemenswear.co.uk/

Written by Joe Ball

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