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Written by Kimberley | 24/10/2016


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At 23 years old, Zayn Malik probably never need work again. Having achieved worldwide success singing with boyband One Direction, Zayn might have called it a day eighteen months ago when he left the band. He has however since gone on to prove himself just as credible as a solo artist with his first album Mind Of Mine reaching number one sales in countries across five different continents and notably breaking records with Zayn becoming the first UK male artist to reach the sought after number one spot in both the UK and USA with his debut album.


Zayn Malik Vursus Versace Collaboration

With success such as this, alongside rumors of anxiety affecting his capacity to perform, we could conclude that Zayn works neither for necessity nor for the buzz of standing in front of thousands of screaming fans. What we do know is that when Zayn is part of a project he makes it a bounding success and the end product is purely sublime. Hence the excitement over the upcoming Zayn X Versus Versace capsule collection, we know it will be 100 percent fantastic. The combination of a reigning fashion power house and one of the most talented young people currently in the spotlight can’t go wrong, especially when you throw the supermodel girlfriend into the equation.


It was in fact Gigi Hadid, supermodel of the year 2015 and Zayn’s current partner, who seems to have been a major factor in the two huge names coming together. Donatella Versace, who was gifted the Versus line by her brother Gianni Versace, has herself said that she got to know Zayn properly through Gigi, who has frequently walked the catwalk and appeared in campaigns for Versace in recent years. Whilst meeting may have been chance, Zayn could be considered the epitome of the youthful, rock star Versus Versace image. As Zayn is often photographed wearing head to toe black teamed with an edgy hairstyle, it’s possible he could be mistaken as a Versus model himself.

Zayn certainly isn’t afraid to make a fashion statement (do a web search for ‘Zayn Malik metal arms’ if you’ve not already seen his knightly sleeves) and Donatella herself reports that Zayn specifically wishes to create something “bold! I like the brand bold!” Prepare yourselves for Zayn X Versus, Versace mania will ensue, you have been warned.

Written by Lucy Jackson

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