The 10 Most Stylish Men of All Time

Written by Rebecca | 06/07/2017

Throughout the years we have seen that men can carry themselves on a catwalk better than some women models. The following ten men might be known for being one of the best in their own respectable field, but they’re also known for their fashion sense and how well they carry themselves on the red carpet.

So whilst women might be the rulers of the fashion world, that’s not to say there aren’t stylish men out there. Here are ten men that broke that glass ceiling.

10 – Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook might be a monster on the court when he’s playing basketball in the NBA, but he is also one of the most stylish men around right now.

Westbrook might not be winning the NBA Championship next year but he is definitely winning against the whole league with his eccentric looks and style that only he can seem to pull off.

9 – Harry Styles

Harry Styles’ style is amazing and a lot of people know this. His fashion sense feels like a more controlled version of David Bowie’s only with his own twist added into it.

Styles might not be the originator of his look but he certainly carries it well and has proved that he can adapt to different styles just as well.

8 – Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith is a really creative artist ranging from being able to rap and create music to being one of the youngest and most creative models around. His usual style is very hip-hop inspired, but he is definitely not limited to this only.

He has actually walked and modelled for women’s clothes and this might just be the start of what Will Smith’s famous son can do and show us.

7- Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is not just one of the most popular pop artists around right now but also one of the most fashionable. Showing his versatility, Bieber can change from one style to another without much effort.

Whether it’s his own clothing line or he’s wearing Supreme clothing, Justin always manages to choose clothes that fit his image perfectly.

Bieber might have been higher on the list if he had a more particular style or recognisable outfit.

6 – ASAP Rocky

The most famous member of the ASAP Mob, ASAP Rocky is stylish wherever he goes. A genuine model, being brought up in New York definitely helped Rocky develop his own style without looking gaudy.

ASAP Rocky might not be the best rapper around compared to other artist like Kendrick Lamar or J Cole, but he is definitely toward the top of the Hip Hop charts when it comes to fashion sense.

5 – Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling has been gracing us with his fashion sense for nearly 20 years and it still hasn’t changed. Like wine, it’s almost as if Ryan is looking better as he gets older and his choice of clothes and outfits are so perfect that he just had to make the list.

Gosling is far from retiring and with movies like the BladeRunner 2049 set to come out this year – and if La La Land was anything to go by- then we are sure to see more of Ryan Gosling in the upcoming years.

4 – Kanye West

Kanye West might not be the god or glitch that he claimed to be, but you don’t need us to tell you that Kanye West is fashionable on all kinds of level. People wouldn’t sleep on the street outside of stores to purchase his shoe line if it wasn’t fashionable.

There are no more official Kanye West photos on the internet but that doesn’t mean we will forget his clothing line and his sense of fashion anytime soon.

3 – Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio might have won everything there is to win in life. He has won 50 awards throughout his career which finally includes an Oscar, and whilst he may not be the most original stylist in Hollywood, he still certainly knows how to fit his clothes.

Leo might not be taking selfies of his outfits whenever he can but he certainly looks good whatever he wears and wherever he is.

2 – Drake

Drake, also known as “the 6 god” is no push around in the fashion world. He has his own clothing brand, loves to wear Versace clothing and travels in style wherever he goes.

Drake made the number two spot because of one reason, and that is the fact that he can change and adapt his looks and style to whatever he wants it to be; from formal clothing and concert outfits to wearing his own brand clothing.

1 – David Bowie

The late great David Bowie was one of the best music artists that we had a chance of witnessing. He might not have been the best looking person but he was certainly one of the most influential, and he still remains a unique figure in contemporary culture today.

Bowie might be gone but the legend that he has left behind will continue to inspire more people today and in the future. Only time will tell when the next male fashion icon will come to dethrone David Bowie.

Written by Fritz Samson

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