ARKK Copenhagen Product Focus – 3 New Styles

Written by Rebecca | 08/12/2017

A recent name to join us at Mainline Menswear is footwear brand ARKK Copenhagen, and from the name of the company you would be correct in assuming they originate from Denmark. Including their beloved capital city within the name of the brand creates an identity.

It tells us where they’re from, that they’re proud to shout about their heritage and also what their style might look like. Even the signature A logo is a classically Danish logo, minimalistic yet functional as the first letter of the brand name. Designed to imitate the bow of a ship, the A logo represents moving forwards towards future destinations and dreams, simple yet effective.

You’ll instantly notice the visual difference between ARKK and sportswear brands such as Adidas and Nike. However, that is not to say that these aren’t performance shoes.

Mainline Menswear now stock 3 new styles of ARKK Copenhagen trainers as part of their pre-spring 2018 collection.

Spyqon FG H-X1

ARKK’s most minimalistic silhouette yet, the Spyqon FG H-X1 returns in five new colourways. The upper is constructed from a one-piece Future Grid upper that creates a refined sock-like fit and gives ultimate heel-to-toe flexibility.

Most importantly, this style fully embodies the authentic, minimalistic design origins of the Danish-based brand. The custom-designed support back piece, guarantees maximum easy-to-wear style with minimal effort.

Raven Nubuck S-E15

This exclusive version of the classic Raven, features luxe Nubuck leather and custom ARKK detailing in upgraded new colourways.

At the core of the Raven is fine detailing and simplicity making these fully covetable and most importantly, comfortable.

Eaglezero Braided S-E15

The re-imagined Eaglezero S-E15 silhouette with sophisticatedly premium, braided upper material. Spanning across the length of the sneaker, is a visually familiar form-fitting internal sock, tucked under the sophisticated braided pattern and true-to-form, staple Nubuck leather back piece.

Triple edition colourways make these pieces necessary additions to your sneaker rotation.

Mainline Menswear not only stock these 3 styles but a wide range of ARKK Copenhagen trainers, take a look for yourself.

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