Best Backpacks to Buy this Summer

Written by Rebecca | 20/04/2017

No matter where you find yourself going these days, whether it be the gym, work or on a road trip with your friends, the amount of items you have to take with you just seems to grow and grow; phone, wallet, keys, drink, etc.

With the right backpack though, no amount of items is a problem with all your things stored conveniently and safely in one place. But why a backpack? Why not buy a duffel bag or briefcase? Well, for starters a backpack spreads the weight around your body evenly for a much more comfortable journey rather than leaving you with a sore forearm or shoulder.

They’re also hands-free, allowing you to focus on the important things – that morning paper and coffee. Another benefit of the backpack is its versatility. A clean styled backpack can be flexible enough to still look smart-casual at work and casual enough to take to the gym once you clock off.

When purchasing a bag, there are a few essential things you need to look for. For one, it’s durability: if you go hiking most weekends then you need to make sure it’s as robust as you are. Its style: you don’t want a bag that overpowers your summer outfit but instead complements it; and finally its size: if you’re needing to consistently take your laptop out, it needs to fit it with enough room left for your jumper and drink.

Mainline Menswear offers decent affordable options for an everyday backpack as well as more expensive options if you want to treat yourself to a bag that will still look good for years to come, just like this Paul Smith Navy backpack retailing at £250 pounds.

This is one of the more premium bags you can buy on the website but you will certainly get your money’s worth. It has adjustable shoulder straps, a large pouch compartment inside and leather trims on the shoulder straps, top handle at the end of the main zip opening. Definitely an all-purpose backpack you could do with this summer.

A much more affordable and more casual option is the Adidas Originals Classic backpack coloured beige. The bag measures 18 inches in height, 12 inches in width and 5 inches in depth; perfect for your everyday use.

Written by Ryan England

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