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Written by Rebecca | 18/12/2017


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When sat around the table eating Christmas dinner with your nearest and dearest, the last thing you want is to not look the part. Fashion is a vital part of the day, so you’ll want to look your best, mixing fun and festivity with a slick style.

These are memories that will last a lifetime, with hundreds of photos being taken throughout the day, whether it’s on your younger relatives’ brand new smartphones or even on your grandma’s polaroid. Looking the part is absolutely essential so that in ten years’ time you don’t go red in the face looking at yourself in a hideous outfit on an otherwise flawless day.

The jumper is a Christmas essential. Whether it’s a cable knit or a roll neck, these are Christmas 101 for men. This Gant Cable Knit grey jumper may be selling out fast, but if you can get your hands on it before it does, you’ll be the talk of the table.

The grey means it’ll go with either blue or black jeans and not look out of place, whilst not burning the eyes of onlookers as some bright Christmas sweaters will.

If desperation takes over, or maybe even peer pressure to wear the dreaded Christmas jumper, make sure to pick up a stylish one that could even pass as a decent bit of fashion rather. Too many people fall into the trap of buying novelty, which, after five minutes fades away and you just feel a little bit awkward (and a little bit itchy if you don’t buy quality) so make sure you’re purchasing quality Christmas gear if you do fall into the festive trap.

If you’re feeling festive, there are some great options for Christmas looking cardigans which aren’t too over the top that you can’t wear them for the other 364 days of the year.

Whilst your bottom half may be hidden under the table at Christmas, it can’t hurt to make sure you’re comfortable. Jogging bottoms and lounge pants may be ideal for any other day that you’re just sat around the house, but this isn’t any other day, it’s Christmas!

These BOSS Orange 24 Barcelona Jeans in a smart blue stretch denim will help you stay stylish on your lower half. With plenty of pockets to hold those Christmas cracker prizes that you’ll be desperate to keep your hands on, these could be make or break in making sure that tiny screwdriver you won comes home with you.

In order to complete the look from top to bottom, you’ll need a decent pair of socks and shoes. Every retailer in the world is currently offering stylish Christmas socks which we would advise you pick up as they could be on show for much of the day if you’re in a house which runs the ‘shoes off at the door’ policy.

You still will want to have a decent pair of shoes to make an entrance with. These Ralph Lauren Cordell Trainers in Navy aren’t so loud and proud that they’ll draw too much attention or disparaging comments, but are stylish enough to earn approval from even the most traditional of family.

Written by Jack Stevens

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