Best Men’s Jumpers for Spring

Written by Rebecca | 19/04/2017

With the scenery blossoming and the frequent showing of the sun, it can only mean that spring is upon us, which also means it’s time to change up your style to match the colours of the season. We’re going to help you out by giving you our opinion on the best men’s jumpers to wear this spring.

The weather is changing, the sun is shining and the days are longer, but the temperatures still don’t reach those summer highs. With this in mind, you may still need a sweatshirt to keep you warm in the cool spring days. But what is the best sweatshirt you can wear this season?

There are many different styles and brands you can opt for when looking for a sweatshirt, and that may leave you in a state of confusion as there are hundreds of options available to you that you may like. You can opt for a plain jumper which is one of the best options as you can never go wrong with a solid, patternless style. In turn, you will never be burdened with the worry of ‘will this pattern look good with these jeans, or will it look better with floral shorts?’

Both these jumpers have a classic plain design and fail to disappoint in how classy and stylish they look. Also, the small brand logo on the left-hand side of the chest make the plain designs look so much more premium, with the iconic blue, white, and red block Tommy Hilfiger logo and the subtle lion patch of the Luke 1977 sweatshirt.

Colour can also be an important factor when choosing your style in the spring. If you want to go for a vibrant spring look, then a white or bright coloured jumper would be perfect to show off in the spring sun.

Both these men’s jumpers are really stylish and will help you stand out in the blossoming spring weather. The Adidas Superstar Sweatshirt has a very simple yet traditional design with the two-tone base and sleeves. Particularly with this jumper, the white adds simplicity to the colour scheme and helps you stand out. Also, the sleeves maintain the iconic Adidas stripes giving the design a retro look.

The Stone Island sweatshirt keeps a plain solid look but implements a bright, pastel colour scheme which really makes the top fit in with the season, whilst standing out from the crowd. The pale pink adds a very subtle tone to the sweatshirt without going over the top and gives it a very classy look. It also features the patch on the sleeve which is present on all Stone Island clothing, giving the jumper a very distinctive look.

So if you’re looking for a sweater for the spring, you are spoilt for choice. When wearing coloured jumpers, whether pale or bright, it would be best to team it with light blue or grey jeans to help the colours balance, as well as white trainers to have the best spring look.

Written by William McDonald

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