Best Men’s Autumn Jackets

Written by Rebecca | 15/08/2017

It’s getting to that time again; autumn jackets are available in stores and online and wet days feeling more autumnal by the day. Now you need the warm jacket for all occasions, well look no further as this post is the place to be, rounding up all your branded jackets for you.

Barbour Liddesdale Quilted Jacket Navy

Barbour, a well-acclaimed established designer that is typically associated with practical wear with a trendy design ideal for every day. For casual days out, like in the country, there is the Liddesdale Quilted Jacket available in both green and navy.

Levis Denim Sherpa Trucker Jacket Blue

For the denim lovers, Levi’s has released the Trucker Jacket embellished with a winter fleece. The well-known jeans company have something not only for your jeans but proving they are well-versed in jackets also.

EA7 Emporio Armani Quilted Jacket Blue

If you think denim is the less practical option, Armani has the well-winter-ready, quilted jacket that guarantees ultimate comfort and warmth from the chill.

Fred Perry Hooded Brentham Jacket Navy

A more casual and street-smart option is the Fred Perry Hooded Jacket. Although it has less layers to other examples, the Brentham jacket traps the heat in and supplies a lighter option for the warmer days this season.

Adidas Originals TNT Tape Wind Jacket Blue

Much like the Fred Perry jacket, Adidas, the sportswear and streetwise brand also offers a lighter jacket option. Without the hood, this is for the brighter warmer days. This is also offered in assorted colours.

Written by Georgia Jerrey

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