Best Men’s Winter Boots for AW17

Written by Rebecca | 25/10/2017

With autumn now quickly upon us and with winter fast approaching it’s time to start looking for some winter boots which will really be a staple piece for your wardrobe. A good boot can make any outfit complete both in terms of look and practicality.

If you’ve never given a boot a go because you don’t think it’s your style trust me there will be something for you in this list. If you’re rocking a boot this season, then you’re doing it right as long as it’s not a football boot.

From Chelsea boots to Desert boots, we will give you a good selection of comfy stylish winter boots for you to try out during these dark dreary months to brighten up your look.

Chelsea Boots

We personally don’t think there is a more versatile pretty boot than the sophisticated Chelsea boot. This classic style can be worn casually with some slim fit jeans but also works perfectly well with a slim fit suit.

You may think these boots remind you of the 1960’s with the mod’s wearing them but trust me when we say these boots are a timeless piece. These boots deserve a spot on every man’s shoe rack.

The lace less style is perfect for the colder months with you not having to worry about the hassle of taking your hands out of your gloves to do them up.

You can buy Chelsea boots with a suede material, but we’d recommend against this for obvious reasons with the rainy, cold British weather undoubtedly ruining them. Instead you should go for a nice leather pair which will handle the harsh conditions much better.

These Leather Sweeney Chelsea Boots are a perfect example of a boot recommended for AW17.

Desert Boots

These boots are the pinnacle of casual footwear. These comfortable boots have quickly become a favourite amongst the world of men’s fashion for their comfortable style.

Although the Desert boot isn’t exactly what would come to mind when you think of an autumn/winter boot, they are often overlooked.

As their name would suggest they’re not the most protective against the elements but we think it is important to have a variety of boots just in case the weather surprises you. Which it often does in Britain.

These boots would be perfect for the days where the sun decides it wants to make a surprise guest appearance and you want a slightly lighter, cooler boot to stop your feet from feeling like they’ve been put in the oven.

These Pretty Green Desert Boots with super soft suede should be your go to if the weather is on your side. Remember the winter isn’t always doom and gloom.

Brogue Boots

If you are looking for the ultimate boot to destroy everything in its path, including the weather – it has got to be the Brogue boot. These tanks of the boot game are perfect for ploughing your way through the unforgiving seasons with their rugged attitude.

The best thing about a Brogue boot is that you could easily wear them out if you’re going for a walk through the park with the dog or if you’re going to an important business meeting. Obviously, you would have to give them a wash first though…

These Ted Baker Leather Brogue Boots could be the ideal winter boots for you this year.

If you didn’t think boots were for you then maybe this season is the chance to give them a go. You’ll be thanking us when you’re being complimented on your stylish shoes whilst proving practical as well.

By Joe Griffiths

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