Best Washbags for your Summer Travels

Written by Rebecca | 07/08/2017

Holiday booked? Sun cream stockpiled? Then it’s time you started thinking about the washbag you’re going to need for your sun-soaked travels. Essential for keeping your clothes free from potential spillages and shampoo smells, washbags are often an overlooked accessory when it comes to holidays, especially for men.

Fortunately, Mainline Menswear keeps you ahead of the groove so you can prepare before you pack. With a small but quality selection of washbags to choose from, you can’t go wrong with the branded bags we have on offer.

It’s no secret that Armani are a hugely popular high-class brand, with celebs often caught sporting the label’s hand luggage in candid paparazzi shots. The brand produce anything from clothing and accessories to home interiors and cosmetics.

This Armani Jeans logo washbag is a great option for both weekends away in the city or fortnights abroad. A smart leather look complete with a efficient carry strap and durable zip seal, this washbag is sure to protect the contents of your carry case from shower gel catastrophes!

Another great choice, this Boss washbag is a similar shape and price to the one above, only with several differences. With a large Hugo Boss logo printed on the front, it’s compact and elegant with a simple carry strap to make your holiday happenings all the more easy.

Another perk, the Boss Pixel washbag is available in two distinct styles; one monocolour for the matte black enthusiast, and one with a grey logo for a modern, achromatic appearance. Take your pick!

Overall, you can’t go wrong with either of these options. Both will keep the contents of your suitcase separate from your washroom necessities, and on top of that, they both do it in the classic Mainline quality!

Written by Aaron Thompson

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