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Written by Rebecca | 04/10/2017


Style Icon


From Coach Carter to The Kingsman: Golden Circle, Channing Tatum has certainly been on a style evolution. Despite the change in look over the years, it is clear that Tatum is the king of casual. Who would have thought that someone would so easily be able to take fashion risks but remain looking so cool?

Despite Tatum’s progression into the high fashion world, it is clear that he is not afraid to go back to his street fashion or try something new. This is what makes him a true fashion icon.

He is able to interchange his look from super casual to formal and his transformation from dancer to Hollywood actor is clear through his fashion choices. Most importantly, he is definitely able to rock them both.

[Photo: Instagram]

Sportswear is a go to for Channing Tatum and if anyone can rock a tight fitted t-shirt then he can. The long sleeves rolled up is a way to make any outfit more casual and paired with loose fitted shorts like these from Superdry are a fantastic combination to look put together but effortless.

These looks are very simple and easy to recreate and is great for both a chilled out and active day.

[Photo: Instagram]

As a mid way between the super casual and a red carpet look, Tatum is certainly able to pull off jeans. These light wash, slightly loose fit jeans are perfect for pairing with a simple or slogan tee to create a cool and comfortable look.

These distressed jeans from True Religion are a great choice to recreate this look but there are un-ripped options if those are more your style. This style of jeans are the perfect for any occasion and can also be dressed up with a button up shirt, a look Tatum also opts for.

When it comes to a more tailored look, Tatum can really wear a suit. However, anyone in Hollywood can wear a suit. What makes Tatum stand out from the rest is his favour for a waistcoat. Again, with this look Tatum has chosen to roll up the sleeves for a casual look.

This is a look that anyone can pull off. It is smart, but the casual elements make it comfortable. This Boss Orange waistcoat is perfect to recreate Channing Tatum’s look.

[Photo: Instagram]

As a way to accessorise, Channing Tatum can often be seen on his Instagram sporting a baseball cap or beanie. This is a way Tatum pulls together a simpler or casual look and paired with a plain tee or a hoodie it reflects his dance style. For a true style recreation (and if you’re brave enough) you can wear the cap at an angle, as seen at the top or even backwards.

Tatum clearly demonstrates the ability to transform his look but is always interested in the casual. He has clearly stayed close to his roots in the dance fashion which are easy, simple looks we can all recreate and feel confident in.

Written by Lottie King

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