How to Dress When it’s Hot and Raining

Written by Rebecca | 28/04/2017

It’s no secret that the weather likes to keep us guessing in Britain; one day it’s sunny, the next day it’s raining, the next it’s hot and humid. Fortunately, you’ve got us looking out for you, which means we can help you dress in rain when it’s still hot outside.


First of all, in such inconsistent weather conditions it’s important to have options. Chinos are a great lower body option as not only will they keep your legs dry, but they can be rolled up at the bottom if the weather brightens and you want to cool off.

Chino shorts are an equally good option if the weather is sunny, save with a few sun showers here and there. Even better is that with chinos, the material itself is light, breathable, and would dry easily if they do get damp.

T Shirts

T shirts are important in any sort of heat, and the lighter the colour of the top the better. Bright colours reflect the heat much more effectively as opposed to darker ones, which serve to absorb it and make you hot, uncomfortable and sweaty.

Given that it’s not only hot, but raining, it’s important to buy simple, light t shirts as you’ll no doubt at some point be layering with a rainproof jacket when the clouds do finally break. Pale colours are great for any sort of summer weather, as solid, stark colours show sweat stains much more than whitewashed ones.

Saying that, if you’re soaked through from the rain this won’t be much of a problem!


Given that the weather is warm despite being damp; a light, waterproof overlay is important.

Steer clear from thick, overbearing coats as they’re really not necessary – the only purpose a jacket serves in such weather is to keep you dry, and what good is a jacket that keeps you dry on the outside if it makes you damp with sweat on the in? With this in mind, go for windbreakers or anoraks – a thin rainproof anorak being the best option in an ideal world.


Last on the agenda, the footwear. Choosing light summer shoes that are also waterproof and hardwearing can be a difficult task. Fortunately, you can get a trendy pump-boot hybrid which is durable whilst looking and feeling casual. More importantly, they’ll keep your feet dry!

Timberland are a great source for such shoes, offering the Timberland Tidelands Ranger Shoes – a lightweight shoe which is made with a durable rubber sole which is perfect for protecting your feet.

Written by Aaron Thompson

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