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Written by Rebecca | 17/02/2017


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With the ability to look both refined for the camera to rocking the ultimate comfort clothes on a day off, Eddie Redmayne is the definition of fashion with a style for every occasion.

After his Burberry campaigns, it’s obvious that Eddie Redmayne is a man of style, an accolade reinforced by his winning of GQ magazine’s 2015 and 2016 ‘Best dressed man in Britain’.  With multiple red carpet visits, it is hard to picture Eddie Redmayne in anything but his classy and sophisticated suits. This article is a look into the award-winning actors, award-winning style.

Over the years, Eddie Redmayne’s style has matured as he has. Being in the limelight since ’98, it’s clear his style has progressed, evolving each year. A staple outfit of his and a timeless classic Redmayne seems a fan of the formal event suit. Eddie looks the part of a movie star, and getting the look is an easy process with Mainline.


Eddie seems a fan of fitted suits, so to get a style like him, tighter is better. Mainline offer a Hugo Boss Black Suit perfect for any formal occasion. It is an extra slim fitting suit, comprising of a single-breasted jacket and trousers. This suit fits snug in all the right areas and costs £530. If you want a change from the usual black, it is also available in navy. To complement it,  you cannot go wrong with a Vivienne Westward poplin long sleeved white shirt. Adding this white shirt to the black suit creates a sharp and co-ordinated look just like Eddie. Throughout Eddie’s career there’s a constant white shirt on show, which is a staple to keeping you in the front line of fashion and well worth £138.  To finish this look Sweeney London Tuckley black shoes are great. These two items add a suave touch and finish off the suit nicely, giving a formal look all round.


On the days you feel a suit is too smart but still want to make a good impression, Eddie’s smart casual look is just for you. A pair of chino trousers creates that comfort a suit cannot give, but is not too dressed down for a day out or smart occasion, and this is what Eddie Redmayne portrays perfectly. The Original Penguin stretch chino trousers in brown are a slim fit, accentuating your legs and giving you that flexibility in the material that is desperately needed to feel comfortable. At £55, you cannot go wrong with a long-lasting pair of chinos. Eddie’s individuality shines through his style but also keeps up with the fashion and style of the time. Eddie compliments these relaxed but professional chinos with a shirt and crew neck jumper.

The Barbour cashmere cable knit crew neck jumper in grey for £90 and this £55 Levis Sunset blue shirt complement each other as well as the chinos. Grey works well with any colour and is perceived as being a smart colour to wear. This may be why Eddie looks so collected and sophisticated whilst maintaining an edge of casual elegance. To finish this look, brown smart shoes are a must, and the Greyson Matthew brogues in brown are exactly what you’re looking for. These shoes also have Goodyear welted soles, so they can be re-soled however many times you need, making them a great investment. Brown shoes can be worn with almost anything and are traditional, yet are not as formal look as a black pair, which make them perfect for the smart casual look.


It can be rare to see celebrities in a very casual dress code being that we are used to seeing them glammed up in front of the cameras. On the odd occasion, we get to see that our celebrities can dress just like us. Eddie Redmayne is no exception. Black jeans are a staple to any wardrobe and Eddie has accepted this into his style guide. Although many like the skinny look for jeans, Eddie has a more relaxed fitting black pair. Hugo Boss black jeans are perfect for this look, made from a stretch denim for comfort and ease, this pair of jeans is perfect for day to day chores and lounging around. Complementing the jeans is this Carhartt short sleeved t-shirt in blue for £30, which again is a staple for wardrobes. This is an easy move t-shirt of a regular fit and is brilliant for all weather conditions. If you are cold with just this t-shirt, then a Ted Baker crew neck marlin jumper in grey is perfect to layer up at £95. As well as being warm, you’ve also recaptured Eddie’s casual style. A grey jumper and black jeans go with any colour, meaning multiple colour t-shirts can be brought to complement this outfit. This outfit is one that all men should have as it is easy to mix and match. Finishing this outfit is a good comfy pair of shoes. These Lacoste Fairlead trainers in white are the way to go for this outfit. With textured toe guards and Ortholite insoles, there is comfort provided throughout this trainer. Adding these shoes will give the casual Eddie Redmayne look.

Eddie Redmayne’s style shows he can dress down on the weekends, but also that it is not difficult to dress up during the week. Having a suit, shirt and chinos in your wardrobe gives us the ability to have Eddie Redmayne’s first class style and to be confident in the clothes we are wearing.

Written by Kathryn Waller

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