Essential Pieces for Transitioning into Autumn

Written by Rebecca | 19/09/2017





The weather in Britain can be pretty temperamental to say the least, so preparing for it isn’t always easy. Preparing your autumn wardrobe, however is a whole other kettle of fish. No matter what you wear, there is always a chance you might get caught out.

While we can’t fix the crazy weather, we can provide you with a few ideas to keep you looking good as we say goodbye to summer…

The best place to start is probably with the jacket that’s going to see you through until the winter rolls around. This is a tricky one to gauge, as British weather in the autumn has a tendency to swing from one extreme to the other. A light jacket without a hood is going to leave you getting soaked from the neck up, whereas a thick winter jacket might leave you just a little too toasty.

Your best bet is to go for a compromise instead – something lightweight and ventilated with a hood to cover you for anything that the weather might throw at you! This Luke 1977 jacket is perfect for the job!

Next, you’re going to need a durable pair of shoes to endure whatever Mother Nature might throw at you. It might seem like an obvious choice, but a pair of brown boots, like these Timberland chukka boots will do the trick.

Not only are they an absolute must in any man’s wardrobe, but they will withstand all the mud and rain you can throw at them, making them ideal for you this autumn. Even better, these bad boys look great with a pair of dark blue jeans like this G-Star Raw slim fit pair, forming a combo powerful enough to make even Barry and Paul Chuckle look pathetic.

You may have noticed that a running theme of lightweight, cosy pieces have been at the forefront of this article, and this is no different.

Keep yourself warm on those cold and windy October days with a plain sweatshirt – perfect for layering under coats and on top of t-shirts when you’re out and about, a sweatshirt is also perfect for just lounging about in on Sunday while you stay warm inside. This Ralph Lauren sweatshirt is perfect for the job.

For further inspiration for your autumn wardrobe, there are thousands of pieces waiting for you to discover at Mainline Menswear from all of your favourite brands – as well as those you haven’t learned to love yet!

Written by Will Palmer

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