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Written by Rebecca | 02/02/2017

Picking an outfit for the perfect date or deciding what to wear on the big night out can often be a stressful process. That feeling is also familiar for a football fan waking up ahead of that all-important kick off. A new outfit for a game is the best way to start and here at Mainline we’ve come up with the ultimate football style guide to remove all of your worries. Here are our top picks for your game day attire…

Cap – Lacoste Black | £28


In this guide we are focusing on some of football’s urban routes – casual. This cap speaks volumes and will let everyone at the football ground know that you mean business. The small Lacoste logo is smart and keeps the front of the hat plain, meaning that from head on you can stay colour-coded. Lacoste is a brand that only creates the best products, and that is something they have stayed true to with this fabulous edition. Finally, the 100% cotton material give it a heritage style helping to give off a mature but youthful look.

Jacket – Fred Perry Laurel Taped Track Jacket White | £75


Casual dress has returned to be as powerful as when it first appeared in the 1980s, and a standout tracksuit jacket has always been the centre piece. With this white Fred Perry jacket all the boxes are ticked in regards to wearing it to a game. Like the hat, this product is 100% cotton. It also features a hood which will protect you from wind chill.

Jeans – Levis 511 Slim Fit Jeans Blue | £85


Jeans are a must at a football match and are as big of a tradition as you can think of, but with these Levis there’s still an element of uniqueness. Partnering these with the casual jacket above gives off a work hard, play hard attitude.

Trainers – Adidas White and Black Superstars | £39.60 (RRP £80)


Adding icing to the cake are the white and black Adidas Superstars. Not only are they in sync with the jacket, but they are available for an astonishing £39.60! The comfort of the Superstars is second to none and will not leave your feet aching when you walk through the door. Also, with the leather exterior they are easy to clean when ketchup annoyingly falls them. The shell toe is left to complete this epic look.

For a combined fee of £227.60, these four items will help you to become the loudest fan at the game without saying a word. Each item represents quality of the highest order meaning you can look and feel stylish for many games to come.

If you aren’t so into going casual at a football match then that isn’t an issue, Mainline has a tonne of other combinations that can aspire you to become the main man.

Written by Kalan Coupar

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