New Gadgets for 2017

Written by Rebecca | 31/01/2017

As we settle into the new year, we can already look forward to an abundance of technology that we will be able to buy in 2017.

From gaming to fitness, we have all the bases covered with this guide to the best gadgets for you in 2017.

Virtual Reality

The world has gone crazy for virtual reality headsets in the last 12 months and we can expect all the major businesses to be giving us their headsets as the variety in the market increases. Windows are upping the game when it comes to accessibility regarding using the headsets with a free update coming to windows 10 users, allowing any who already own a VR headset to use it with their PC.


Dell, Asus, Samsung and Playstation are expected to bring out new models in 2017 hotting up the market even more. Whatever situation you’re using virtual reality, a pair of comfortable shoes will be needed to allow you to move freely and comfortably when using the headset.

A pair of light Adidas Original Trainers or Nike Tennis Classic Trainers would be ideal when you’re travelling the world using the free Google earth app.

Nintendo Switch

When you think of portable games consoles, you think of Nintendo. Whether it be the Nintendo GameBoy or the DS, the Japanese company know what they’re talking about and expectations are high with the arrival of their most compatible device yet, the Switch. What makes the switch unique is that it can be used as a handheld console but also a normal game console, which connects to your television. You can even start a game playing it on your TV and then continue using it unplugged.


When it hits the shelves, expectations will be high as we wait to see whether Nintendo have stayed true to form and will continue to show us what they do best – handheld quality consoles.


Now for most people, New Year’s resolutions are based around the need to go to the gym, lose weight and get fit. If this is the case for you and you don’t have any form of fitness tracking devices then look no further than the Fitbit.

Whether you’re going for a walk with your dog in the park or striving to beat your personal best on the treadmill, then you’d want to see what progress you’re making and what exercise you’ve actually done. The devices come in all types of colours so whether you’re wearing a Franklin Marshall Tracksuit, rocking a Nike Peak Season Tracksuit down the gym or strolling through the park, a Fitbit watch will not look out of place on your wrist and will help you track your exercise results to a T.


Samsung and Apple will also be introducing new phones this year, with Samsung hoping to put the shambles of the Galaxy Note behind them when they offer the world the new S8, whilst rivals Apple will announce their new iPhone 8. Whilst also looking to celebrate 10 years since the arrival of the first iPhone, we expect big things from Apple in 2017.

Written by Joel Newman

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