Get Comfy for Christmas

Written by Rebecca | 01/12/2017

One bright side of the shorter days in the winter is that we can properly appreciate the twinkling Christmas lights adorning shop fronts and high streets everywhere. It’s coming up to the most wonderful time of the year once again, and now is the most wonderful time to bring out the comfiest clothes you own and wrap up warm as the frost starts to take over.

A guilty pleasure for many at Christmas time is traditional festive knitwear. Although the matching family set of reindeer or snowmen-themed sweaters make a nice photo for your mum’s customised cards, it isn’t exactly a fashion-forward item of clothing. This year you could opt out of the gaudy colours and instead treat yourself to something that is both functional and fashionable.

For example this striped wool knit jumper from Paul & Shark is the perfect crew neck to wear with a shirt underneath and a thick coat over the top to stay warm. Building layers in this way means it is also easy to stay at a cosy temperature with clothing you can remove or replace when necessary.

You can also very rarely go wrong with a comfy hoodie to stave off the cold. Rather than dark colours such as the usual black or grey, it is easy to bring a little brightness to both your wardrobe and the world around you when dressed in a brighter colour – such as this Fila Vintage blue sweatshirt or this red Superdry hoodie.

On the other hand, clothing in darker colours holds heat well, so a hoodie like this black Emporio Armani sweatshirt may suit you better. Arguably the best kind of jumper when you’re going out is one which offers intuitive yet unobstructed ways to keep you warm in the winter; the grey North Face Canyonland hoodie has a high neck and a large hood, keeping you feeling warm and looking good.

Quite possibly the best addition to a comfy winter wardrobe is a beanie hat. They have proven for several years now that they are an accessory for anyone that will seemingly never go out of style, and there are beanie hats available in a wide variety of colours and styles to suit any outfit. You can choose from hats like Superdry’s bobble hat or North Face’s classic turn up beanie.

In a time of touch screens, maybe the hardest part of staying warm at Christmas time when trying to snatch those last few presents on the go is keeping your hands warm and still being able to use your smart phone.

Tipped gloves are your answer; not only do they keep your fingers insulated but they also come with fingertip pads which allow you to utilise your device’s touch screen without having to remove your gloves. These charcoal grey gloves from Fred Perry can match nearly any outfit, keeping you up to date with your shopping (and Instagram snaps of the local Christmas decorations).

Written by Poppy O’Brien

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