Tips for Sticking to Your New Year’s Fitness Plan

Written by Rebecca | 01/02/2017

Are you struggling to find time to go to the gym? Balancing your work life and personal life can be difficult, or maybe there isn’t a gym local to where you live. Well here at Mainline Menswear we have put together a few tips and pointers to try motivate you towards a more active lifestyle.

If it’s the cold weather that seems to be putting you off then stay inside, try swimming and if your local pool has a sauna/steam room then enjoy that luxury at the end of your swim.

Are you bored of doing the same thing? Then try something new, for example take up tennis or join a running club. Feeling the belonging of being in a team may give you that extra push that you needed.


Don’t have far to commute to work? Then try cycling instead of driving, if you don’t have a bike, then just think the monthly payments for a gym can be substituted for the cost of a bike?

If you enjoy running give yourself something to work towards, sign up to an organised event. This will be your goal and training commences as soon as you book it.

If you need a little help knowing where to start, then we have put together a fitness plan that will be just as effective as working out at the gym but in the comfort of your own home… so there’s really no excuse.

Jumping Squat

Jumping Squats are a high intensity exercise and targets the quadriceps whilst also working your core, hamstrings and glutes. If your main reason for exercise is fat loss then we suggest to do a deeper squat.


Normal standing position with feet parallel.

Lower yourself into the squat, chest upright, lower your hips and bend your knees (make sure your knees stay in line with your toes).

Now explode as forcefully as you can into the jump.

Now repeat – just remember to breathe (inhale as you descend into the squat and exhale as you jump).



A press-up is great for working on the upper body and core, if you want to intensify the exercise and work your shoulders and chest, then elevate your feet on a platform.


Position your hands palm down on the floor, shoulder width apart.

Raise your self using your arms, (your weight is supported by your hands & the balls of your feet) then lower yourself back down.

If you wish to work your arms then put your hands closer together, if you prefer to work your chest then put your hands further out. The regular position works both arms & chest.


A lunge is great for toning your hamstrings, quad’s and glutes. If you want to increase heart rate and put a burn to your legs then try a jumping lunge. a key point to take note of is that you ensure your knee doesn’t go past your toe when lunging, this will avoid knee injuries.


In standing position with your back straight place one foot in-front putting the heel down first, then lean your body forward.

Lower your body until your knee that you stepped forward on is at a 90-degree angle.

Then push yourself back up with the foot you used to step forward with and repeat with alternate feet.



The plank improves your posture and waistline, but primarily builds the core. To achieve greater results, you can try different variations: Plank with arm/leg lift, side plank or plank with elbow lift.



Get into the press-up position, this time drop your forearms down to the floor.

Make sure your back is straight and your bottom is down, hold this position for 30 seconds and relax… you have 1 minute and repeat this circuit again.


Try keeping yourself motivated to exercise by scheduling a time for your daily work out. Having it as part of your routine will make it easier to stick to, especially if you plan things around this allocated time. Treat it how you would any important appointment!

 Something else to motivate you to work out is of course, buying yourself new clothing and accessories to increase comfort and performance…


You work out to look good right? So you want to look good whilst working out. Here at Mainline we stock a wide range of technical wear to keep you comfortable and dry during your work out – whether you’re at home or the gym. Here are our top picks…


Under Armour Raid Short Sleeve T Shirt – This t shirt is cut in a fitted design without the squeeze. Strategically designed with a Moisture Transport System that wicks sweat away from the body while anti odour technology prevents the growth of odour causing microbes.

Puma Carson Knitted Trainers – These trainers feature an anti bacterial sockliner for added comfort, a lightweight injection moulded EVA midsole, an EverRide undersole for more cushioning and an EverTrack detail for durability.

Adidas Originals X Pharrell Williams Track Pants – These track pants feature a ribbed elasticated waistband with an additional bold blue woven drawstring fastening and elasticated cuffs at the ankles and two zip entry pockets on the waist with a third zipped pocket on the reverse right – handy for keeping your phone, keys and ipod etc in.

If none of the tips above have worked for you, it’s lucky that the ‘sports luxe’ trend is back and here to stay, meaning you can still wear your new gym gear as part of a fashion forward outfit. Find out what the sports luxe trend is and how to wear it here.

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