How to Style Your Parka

Written by: Rebecca Shires | December 14, 2017.

The parka is surely a piece of most men’s winter wardrobe by now, but just what exactly should you be wearing with it? With the coldest time of the year fast approaching these are some of the parka looks that you can’t afford to miss out on.

One of the warmest coats around, stylish with its usually furred hood and very in fashion over the last few years with the strong trend of dark green colours. If you aren’t already on the parka train its never too late to jump aboard with the winter season being the perfect occasion.

Its also important to remember that parkas do usually come down to just above the knee, so be sure you don’t get a size too large and being left looking like Arsene Wenger.

The parka may take up most of your body, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of versatility with what you can put with the jacket. From a number of different colours for the parka itself to many different styles with slimline parkas and more classic fishtail looks.

We’d recommend this Fred Perry Fishtail Parka, the colour allows it to go well with jeans of any shade, and with Fred Perry, you know you’re going to get lasting and durable quality.

One other option would be this Nobis Yatesy Long Parka Jacket, the very bright grey colour may be a little bit too bright for anyone looking for a more traditional parka, but this really is a top quality piece to add to your winter collection.

One thing it does have over the Fred Perry Fishtail would be its hood, which features extremely soft fur, sure to keep anyone warm on even the coldest days that this time of year has to offer.

A good item to partner with a parka, especially one without a furred hood, would be a scarf. Another essential for this time of year, and an opportunity to show off your fashion taste by matching it with a decent pair of gloves.

If you wanted to go one step further, you could also pick up the Barbour Lambswool Beanie Hat it wouldn’t be completely necessary, especially if you’re wearing something as warm around the head as a parka.

In terms of your lower half, any pair of slim fitting jeans would go well with a parka, colour dependent of course on whatever colour parka you end up going for.

If you do go for the traditional dark green look, I think a light blue or black go best, but if you went for the white parka you may want to limit yourself to only darker colours.

These Black Slim Fit Levi Jeans would go well with any coloured parka and are the perfect blend between smart and stylish, similar to the parka. Another thing the two have in common is there durability.

Much like the parka, Levi’s jeans won’t lose their quality anytime soon after purchasing, so there’s no need to worry about splashing a little more cash than usual on these.

Written by Jack Stephens



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