How to Wear a Pink Shirt

Written by: Rebecca Shires | February 22, 2017.

pink shirtIt’s time to get rid of the outdated myth that pink is just for women. Styled correctly, everyone can successfully and stylishly wear pink – pink can be masculine too! So men, give up calling your pink shirts salmon and wear pink with confidence! There is nothing more attractive than a man’s self-assurance, so remember that and wear your pink with pride!


How to Wear

When you start looking for that perfect shirt, remember different shades of pink will look better with different skin tones and hair colours. Make sure you try out lots of different shades and styles to work out what looks best on you. Pink is very easy to introduce to your wardrobe and you’ll probably find that most things you already own would look great with a pink shirt. Some of Hollywood’s greatest male stars have also embraced pink such as Brad Pitt, Kanye West, Bruno Mars and John Legend.


Go for a classic, smart look with a long sleeved pink shirt. Match with a clean cut suite and try to avoid shiny suits. Look at navy blues and grey suits as they seem to work best with subtle pink shirts such as the one below. Make sure when picking a tie, you avoid bright colours or flashy patterns – you do not want to clash! Check out the Lyle and Scott long sleeve Oxford shirt in soft pink to start this classic look off.



Go all out and show you are masculine enough wear a bright pink or a bold patterned shirt. These statement shirts can really mix up your wardrobe and add a bit of fun back into your fashion. They can be worn dressed up or dressed down with the right accent pieces. Play around with your style and see how much fun you can have with the colour pink in your appearance. We suggest this Vivienne Westwood short sleeved shirt.



It’s easy to wear pink causally, particularly in summertime! Pick a short sleeve shirt matched with some chinos or skinny jeans for relaxed summertime style. Pair with some stylish trainers and you are set! You could even leave a button or two undone for an even more laid-back outlook. Check out this Diesel S Wop shirt for a great option.



If you are into fashion then you’ll know that dip dye is all the rage. It can go with almost anything, jazzing up even the most mundane of outfits. Pick this great Ralph Lauren dip dye linen shirt fastened with buttons down the middle and cuffs on the long sleeves. Once again, this shirt can be dressed down with some jeans or dressed up with a clean suit. Once you have this item in your wardrobe you will be right on trend!


From smart to casual and everything in-between, there will be a pink shirt out there that suits you. If you are thinking of buying a pink shirt but none of the options on this page are your fancy, then feel free to check out the rest of the range at Mainline Menswear.

Written by Maggie Morris



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