Introducing Herschel Supply Co.

Written by Rebecca | 04/09/2017

Herschel Supply Co. is a Canadian manufacturer of retro backpacks and accessories. The company was founded by Lyndon and Jamie Cormack and is based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Although it may seem like a brand that has been around a long time, Herschel has only been established since 2009.

Driven to provide the everyday traveller with the perfect bags and accessories, Herschel’s products have been thoughtfully designed to include details that aid in daily journeys.

Featuring timeless silhouettes inspired by the world around us, each piece evokes a bit of nostalgia yet offers modern functionality.

The History of Herschel

Founded by brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack, the Herschel Supply Co. was names after the small town in Canada where generations of the brother’s family grew up.

Both brothers had contacts in the industry, with Lyndon having represented Vans shoes and Jamie having worked at K2 Sports. The pair used their knowledge of the fashion world to their advantage.

With so many practical designer bags costing thousands, the Cormack brothers wanted to produce bags that are luxury, affordable and stylish. The brothers analysed the market and worked out the kind of style people were looking for.

The bags they created were (and are still) a huge success. With the brand gaining recognition, they found they could experiment more with their designs, merging the classic style with more contemporary additions and colours.

Herschel is now an essential brand, that is known for their high-quality, affordable and creative designs.

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