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Written by Rebecca | 28/12/2017


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Tommy Jeans

An expression of the Tommy Hilfiger brand, Tommy Jeans is inspired by American classics with a hint of modern freshness.

Popping up in every quality clothing store across the world over the last year, it only made sense for this self-expressive brand to make its way onto Mainline Menswear this winter.

Driven by the desire to ensure each and every customer is able to look stylish whilst staying comfortable, Tommy Jeans comes with a wide collection for both men and women.

Featuring jackets, tees, shirts, knitwear, dresses and of course denim jeans. Every piece in the Tommy Jeans range gives a flavour of the creative spirit the brand encapsulates.

Being a branch off of the Tommy Hilfiger brand, there is surely no doubt in anyone’s mind that this new range needs to find a place in everyone’s wardrobe.

With Hilfiger’s pieces often being influenced by music, these latest releases continue this culture. A fresh range of colours whilst still keeping that timeless and recognizable ‘prep look’ that so many Hilfiger collections are inspired by.

So far, Tommy Jeans have been a huge success, with the brand gaining major recognition. With Tommy Jeans, you have a look for everybody, of any style, gender or age.

Brand New to Mainline Menswear for AW17, check out our wide range of products online now!

Written by Jack Stevens

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