Mainline Menswear’s AW17 – Which Man are You?

Written by Rebecca | 03/11/2017

As part of Mainline Menswear’s AW17 campaign, we want to know which man you aspire to be and share our favourite pieces for each man’s style. Here you’ll find a selection of products perfect for each man’s individual this autumn/winter.

The Modern Man

The younger, fashion forward and more daring man. The modern man wears brands such as Adidas, Nike, Stone Island and CP Company. However, he will explore new brands depending on the current trends.

Billionaire Boys Club Flying B T-Shirt Orange | CP Company Jogging Bottoms Black

The modern style will be adaptable and ever changing, browse our range of products for the modern man here.

The Adventurous Man

The get-up and go kind of man, a thrill seeker and someone who enjoys doing new things – this is our adventurous man.

The North Face Stratos Jacket Blue

We have hand-picked pieces that we believe our adventurous man would find essential and feel comfortable wearing. To browse the full range of products visit Mainline Menswear.

The Rugged Man

The laid back, rough and ready type of man. He will pick quality products from brands such as Belstaff, Barbour and Levi’s.

Parajumpers Right Hand Jacket Green

We have selected pieces that we think the rugged man will appreciate whilst still looking his best, you can discover more here.

The Gentleman

The mature, dress to impress, more sophisticated gentleman is fashion conscious and always likes to look his best.

Ralph Lauren Cable Knit Jumper Brown | Superdry Rookie Merchant Peacoat Jacket Black

Dressed in more premium brands ranging from Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren and Vivienne Westwood, we have put together a collective of staples.

To browse the full collection, visit Mainline Menswear.

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