Men’s AW17 Essentials

Written by Rebecca | 07/11/2017

Autumn is passing by and winter is coming. The sun is still shining but the temperatures are declining. Extra layers need to be worn and jumpers are not exaggerated anymore.

How do you survive the colder weeks day by day? Everyone likes to do anything they fancy without shivering, goose bumps or blue lips – the question is; how to look stylish at the same time? Here’s a rundown of our AW17 essentials.


The week has started again and your alarm goes off way too early. It is still dark outside and your bed is comfortable and warm. To keep your head from freezing when you go outside this Boss Orange Fenno Beanie Hat is a must-have.

It totally fits into the AW17 green colour trend. It is easy to combine and gives you the comfortable winter hat feeling.


You decide to pop into the supermarket on your way home to buy a nice bottle of wine for tonight. It is chilly outside, and the supermarket lays 5 minutes off your route. This is the moment you are happy with a proper jacket, such as this Armani Jeans Full Zip Hooded Jacket.

By the time winter is here and the temperatures are really dropping a hoodie might not be enough anymore, but they can be combined with a denim layer. Denim jacket layering is one of the main trends in this season.


Sometimes there are not enough hours in a day, or minutes in a hour. A pair of boots is perfect for those days! What about the Sweeney London Silsden Chelsea Boot? You just slip in and you are ready to go!

Get your favourite coffee at the coffee shop at the end of the street and then heading to the first meeting of the day. And all of that in style.


Dress to impress should be the quote for every single day. This Vivienne Westwood Printed Shirt would be a perfect piece for this quote. The white tone is perfect to combine with your favoured pair of jeans.

This shirt is also a perfect shirt to follow the AW17 white colour trend. You feel as stylish as you can be and are ready for all challenges of the day!


Let the weekend begin! A comfy meal and an evening to yourself. A loose and warm jumper is what you want.

Superdry is a very known name and may not be absence in your wardrobe. Try the Superdry Authentic Duo Logo Hoodie.


It is time for a party! One of your friends is celebrating his birthday today and you want to give him something special!

This Boss Hugo Boss Galliz Leather Belt is an important detail to his outfit.


The perfect way to relax a bit before the next week starts is a long walk through the forest. The Ralph Lauren Woollen Scarf is your companion during this afternoon.

You duck into this scarf when the wind is blazing up. The red colour shows your knowledge about the latest trends and feeling for detail.

Written by Emie Noordanus

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