Men’s Formal Shoes Guide

Written by Rebecca | 24/01/2017

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Whether for work, meetings, weddings, social gatherings or just your local nights out, some formal footwear is a necessity for every man’s wardrobe. There’s a number of formal footwear styles to be aware of and whichever you choose is entirely down to your own personal preference and the style that suits your fashion. So without further adieu, here’s our men’s formal shoes guide to help you choose the right footwear for your fashion sense.

Slip Ons


Slip ons come in a huge variety of styles from smart, brogue-like slip ons to your more casual suede boat shoes. There is no shortage of formal fashions in this department as any shoe is considered a slip on so long as the shoes don’t have laces. Slip ons also cross categorise with a lot of other styles, as you can get slip-on brogues, tassel loafers and Chelsea boots etc. A great example of your classic slip ons would be these Ted Baker Bly 8 shoes. They’re simple and versatile, will suit any smart style and on top of that, they’re only £95.



Similar to your usual slip-ons only with added flair, tassel loafers are the pinnacle of formality when it comes to slip-on shoes. A great option for summer eveningwear, loafers can be worn with or without socks and both look equally smart, albeit each option will add a different style to your outfit. Going sockless is only really viable during the summer months but looks particularly smart with the base of your trousers rolled up slightly. These GH Bass Weejun Larson Pull Up loafers are a great choice of loafers and the similarities between them and regular slip ons are obvious.



A popular classic, brogues are identified by their original stitch patterns and perforated design. There’s a huge variety of styles and shapes of brogues so there’s something to suit everyone’s style, no matter how unique. Brogues range from more casual suede shoes to formal, all-over polished black leather which are perfect for even the most formal of events. A perfect example of a classic formal brogue are these Ted Baker Oakke Leather brogues.



The rest of the best, your usual smart shoes are those which have no features that distinguish them as a separate sub category; as opposed to the brogues with their patterning, loafers with their tassels and slip ons with their lack of laces. Obviously then there’s a huge variety of shoes encompassed here, but these Sweeney London Tuckley’s represent the class well. With smooth black calf leather uppers and a pointed toe, these shoes are the perfect traditional men’s formal shoes for any occasion.

Written by Aaron Thompson

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