Men’s Guide to Shorts

Written by Rebecca | 24/02/2017

Shorts – an absolute essential in summer. Don’t know how to wear them? Not sure what style of shorts to buy for your shape? We have put together a guide that covers all questions you may have regarding how to style shorts.

Summer is approaching, so now is the perfect time to start planning how you’re going to show off your legs in a new pair of shorts. In summer, shorts are perfect for occasions such as holidays, a day at the beach, BBQs or even just a day out with the lads.


The dress code for all of these occasions are the same. You can get away with being casual but still looking put together, no matter which one you’re doing. This guide will take you through the three main styles of shorts for men this summer – Chino shorts, denim shorts and cargo shorts.

How should shorts fit?

 Not all of us have the same body shape. This is why you need to ensure your shorts work to your advantage and provide the right amount of comfort. The secret to getting your shorts right is knowing basic proportion rules…

  1. Shorter shorts will make you look taller than you are
  2. Fitted/tighter shorts will look good on slim guys
  3. Slim shorts will make a larger man look smaller
How to style shorts

All shorts are mega versatile so you can get away with being relaxed, but also can dress them up a bit for a more smart, casual vibe.

Chino shorts

Chino shorts are a staple that can take you through a variety of events and can be adapted to be as casual or formal as you want them to be. Every guy needs a pair of chino shorts in his wardrobe. For the perfect casual option, we have paired our chino shorts with a printed t-shirt, plimsolls, denim jacket (another summer staple) and a pair of sunglasses to finish the whole look off.


Denim shorts

As we all know, denim is quite possibly on of the most casual, relaxed materials you can get. So to dress your denim shorts up a bit, wear with a shirt (you can wear buttoned up or put a vest underneath and keep open), a trusty watch and a pair of flip flops to avoid the outfit feeling too formal.


Cargo shorts

Cargo shorts can be tricky to master and are one of the most controversial styles of shorts out there. But if you style them right, any man can pull them off. Look for cargo shorts with trim, non-invasive pockets a bit like the Tommy Hilfiger John cargo shorts.

It’s difficult to make cargo shorts look smart, so stick to the style they were designed for. Keep the look simple with a v neck t-shirt, your fave pair of converse, sunnies and a backpack.


Wearing socks with shorts

Socks can be tricky, especially in Summer. Don’t be the person who sports the socks and sandals look… If you feel like it, go sockless. Alternatively, you can invest in a pair of liner/invisible socks. Wearing these will give the illusion of not wearing socks whilst keeping your shoes feeling and smelling a little bit fresher – especially in summer.

Quick dos and don’ts

DO: Get the length right – Ideally, they should finish an inch or two above the knee. Any longer and you start approaching the thee quarter length territory

DON’T: Forget the importance of the fabric – As you’ll be wearing shorts in the summer months you want to make sure they keep you as cool as possible. Make sure you choose a fabric that will keep sweat at bay

DO: Aim for versatility – If you’re choosing between a floral pair of shorts that will make a statement, that you’ll only wear once or twice and a plain pair that will go with the majority of your wardrobe, go for the latter as they’re more practical and you’ll get your moneys worth

So there you have it, some quick tips on how to style shorts this summer. You can see our full range of shorts at Mainline Menswear.

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